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5/6/13 NEW BLOG
A question to Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli, owners of Wurstkuche...
What is attempting to ruin someone's life worth in compensation?

I was forced to think about this question today when I was asked by Tyler Wilson what I wanted as compensation to take my blogs sites down about what he and his cousin Joseph Pitruzzelli put me through as their artist neighbor after Wurstkuche invading the arts district.  Yes, that's right, Tyler Wilson actually called me.  He said he wanted to offer me an "opportunity" almost like we were old friends.  He never offered an apology for what he, his cousin, his restaurant Wurstkuche, and his corporation, Wilson, Pitruzzelli investments put me through as their neighbor, in fact, he tried to just belittle it as "the past" as if nothing had really happened, but now wanted to offer me an "opportunity" as he called it several times.  And what was that opportunity?  $10,000 to take all my blog sites down that have all the evidence of the law suits and the hell they put me through as their neighbor.  And he said that "only he and I cared about the blogs on the site".  Well, that may be true, but that doesn't seem to stop the traffic I get there on a daily basis.  Have you googled wurstkuche? usally comes up on the same page as well.  In fact, and I'm almost embarrassed to say, now gets more hits daily then  And the fact that I know the site is up with the truth is really enough for me.

Tyler, you and your cousin are republican sleaze balls that literally harassed and tortured me out of my studio over a two year period in the heart of the LA Arts District and then you tried to sue me for $100,000.00 to bury my personal blogs about you, and in doing so continued your blatant harassment for more then a year after I left the arts district.  Now you offer me this token of $10,000 and you think it will make everything you put me through okay?  Are you fucking kidding me?  After what you tried to do to me?  You offered absolutely no apologies and had no humility what so ever about what you have done to me, and in fact, made it very clear that the only reason you want the blogs down is for your own ego.  If you're now embarrassed, you should be!  But that's not enough and it's way too fucking late!  You still don't get it and you don't give a flying fuck what you and your hypocrite of a cousin, LARABA's president, have put me through or what you've actually cost me in time, productivity and money itself!  Seriously, go fuck yourselves.  10,000 wouldn't even cover the legal expenses I had to put out just to try and fight Wurstkuche's and Paul Solomon's continued illegal use of the artist loft that was next to me!  Nor does it consider anything you assholes put me through for two full years straight!

As far as I'm concerned, what you and your cousin did to me was purposeful, malicious and totally dishonest!  You tried to villainize me to take the focus off the point, your illegal use of that artist loft.  You've personally given me two legal declarations packed with your own blatant lies, Tyler.  I can see how that could embarrass your family, but that can also ruin someone's life you fucking asshole!  You and your cousin literally tried to ruin my life with false police reports, a bogus restraining order packed with blatant lies, a 100,000.00 law suit packed with lies that verge on being blatant fantastic fantasy's rather then anything in reality, and all of them thrown out of court as you pathetic yuppies continue to illegally use that AIR next Wurstkuche as a illegal commercial warehouse.  You disrupted my life from the first week you arrived and then pretended to somehow be the victim of your artist neighbor as you made 3 million your first year and squashed any productivity out of me and what was my creative live work space.  Or the 24 hour commercial nightmare you illegally used it as!  Now you just want to make any record of how you acted and what you did to me go away like it didn't really happen.  You do exactly what all sleazy republicans do in this country, but I didn't let you get away with it.  You tried to turn everything around on me with your blatant lies, but I stood my ground and the truth came out.  And that's exactly what both of you, Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli still want to hide.  The truth.  That's why you and Wurstkuche Suck!  Do you get it yet?  That is why this site will not fade away.

If you actually want to repent, Tyler, then you have to take full responsibility for what you did.  You actually have to show humility!  And neither of you, Tyler Wilson, Joseph Pitruzzelli will do that because neither of you have an ounce of integrity or humility between you.

Now back to the moot question at hand....  If I was even going to consider selling my two Wurstkuche blogs domains, I would stand by the per domain price you yourself set with your phony harassment law suit as a base minimum to start at.  But that alone would still not address the last two years you tortured me as your neighbor.  That is not something I should have had to pay for!  I would want my last two years of rent back and I would want all my legal expenses I was forced to put out back as well.  That's at least a starting point.  But as I said....  The question is moot because it will never happen.

-David G.