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Posted 11-7-12
Joseph Pitruzzelli is a Blatant Hypocrite
& Must Go as LARABA's President


The Los Angeles River Artist Business Association is purposely turning a blind eye to their own president's blatant hypocrisy since his arrival in the Los Angeles Arts District.  Joseph Pitruzzelli is a blatant hypocrite and must go as LARABA's president.

As the owner of Wurstkuche restaurant, Joseph Pitruzzelli and his partner Tyler Wilson literally harassed, disrupted and totally disrespected the lives of the artists around them that were trying to actually live and work in their legal artist in residence building as Joseph Pitruzzelli illegally used an Artist in Residence loft as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for Wurstkuche restaurant next door.

Joseph Pitruzzelli had no regard or respect for his artist neighbors and was cited by the city of Los Angeles as well as the buildings owner, Paul Solomon for that illegal use of an Artist in Residence. Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson were sued by their artist neighbor over their disruptive and illegal use of that long time Artist loft, and still Joseph Pitruzzelli never stopped his illegal use of what is still to date a legal Artist in Residence loft, not a warehouse.

Disrupting the lives of the actual artist's in the Arts District is what LARABA as well as Joseph Pitruzzelli should be concerned about. But are you? The fact that your own president is chasing the actual artist out of the Los Angeles Arts District should concern you.  But does it? LARABA board members continue to turn a blind eye to Joseph Pitruzzelli's on going hypocrisy, an act of hypocrisy in itself for what is supposed to be an "artist association".

The loft at 808 E. 3rd Street is still to date being illegally used by LARABA's president, Joseph Pitruzzelli.  It is still a legal Artist in Residence.  Joseph Pitruzzelli has no permits what so ever to allow his business, Wurstkuche Restaurant, to be using it as a commercial warehouse.  And to date Joseph Pitruzzelli has still not stopped his disruptive commercial use of that long time Artist's loft.  Why?  Because they have chased all the surrounding artists away.  That's why. Are you listening LARABA?

Joseph Pitruzzelli is a hypocrite who has disrupted the lives of the artists that were around him since his arrival in the L.A. Arts District in 2009.  He should not be LARABA's president. The Los Angeles River Artist Business Associations appointed him as a token president because his business was making tons of money.  Did that entitle him to disrupt everyone around him?  What about his integrity?  What about the artist that were around him and have left because of Wurstkuche's disruptive arrival and the footprint they have had in the arts district?  What about how he treated his artist neighbors?  It all matters.

Joseph Pitruzzelli is a hypocrite and must go as LARABA's president.

--Blog Master


POSTED  10/16/12

I just got the actual ruling in the mail by the court after what I wrote what's below.  The judge did get it exactly right.  She seemed to understood perfectly and even explained the situation I was put in and got it right on the button!  I'm actually amazed by the intuitiveness of this ruling.  And according to the judge, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson actually testified and she got them to confirmed in court the truths in my blogs between my well deserved castigations or opinions as the case may be.  She even got them to admit that they still don't have a proper permit to be using that legal Artist in Residence at 808 E. 3rd. St. as a fucking illegal 24 hour noisy commercial nightmare warehouse for Wurstkuche Restaurant!  SLEAZY SELF SERVING PATHETIC SCUM BAGS!  There are no more artist around them to complain anymore!  They are the Anti-Artists of the LA Arts District.

Anyway, they deservingly lost there harassment suit against me for calling them just that.  Here's the ruling for anyone that cares...

COURT RULING 10/15/2012


POSTED  10/16/12

An Open Letter To:
JOSEPH (the sleazy hypocrite) PITRUZZELLI & TYLER (the scum bag liar) WILSON,

Well I just saw on line the "PENDING" was gone and the court had reached a verdict.....  I guess it will be mailed to me too, I mean being that I'm the defendant and all, but on line it says:


I guess that means YOU LOSE!

You sleazy little republican assholes papered me out of the court hearings with your Default filing, filed papers for a year with the court without any protest, and I still won the case without even being there!!  Keep that in mind wiener boys.  Because I will follow through on the promise I made your attorney if you ever try to harass me in any way shape or form again.  You fucking pathetic little wiener boys lost your bullshit harassment law suit because you deserved to lose!  My opinions of you are not defamation!  The fact that my opinions of you two scum bags are incredibly low, is a direct reflection of how you treated me as your neighbor and the hell you put me through in the arts district!  What don't you get?  And my blogs just document how I feel about you and what I think of you!  And guess what....  I'm entitled to despise you for being sleazy assholes to me as the artist next door after you invaded the arts district and illegally used the loft next to my studio and disrupted my life!

I really have no doubt the judge saw right through your phony victim crap.  And as far as I'm concerned, you're both pathetic low life sleaze balls for trying to play the victim after what you put me through!  And let me tell you, you assholes playing the victim is what really infuriated me about this law suit!  After what you put me through on a daily basis for two years?  You're going to try and pretend you're the victim?  Seriously, fuck you both from the bottom of my heart!  Joseph Pitruzzelli, Tyler Wilson, you are both sleazy self serving ignorant brain dead douche bags for playing the victim!  Totally pathetic!  And after just downloading both your declarations filed with the court, phony crap is a total understatement!  What blatant sleazy twisted half stories and blatant lies you assholes filed as evidence in this court case!  And that's exactly what I predicted you'd do!  No wonder you didn't want me there to set the record straight.  You damn well know I would have torn your self serving stories apart in front of the judge!  What phony's you are!  Your lie filled one sided declaration tries to imply that your illegal use of an artist loft, daily violating LAMC and LADBS codes and violating my rights wasn't the problem.  (And that's your fucking problem in a nut shell, by the way) It was the artist next door trying to live and be creative in his legal arts district loft who is the problem?  You poor little multi million dollar wiener boys are both just the victim of me, the artist and in all places, the arts district, with my totally uncalled for creative work space and residential sleeping hours!  How dare me, right?  What fucking sleazy assholes you two are!  What was your motto when I was trying to live there?  "SLEEP?  HE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' SLEEP!" or maybe "CONSIDERATION?  WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' CONSIDERATION!"  or maybe "NO RESPECT FOR YOUR ARTIST NEIGHBOR."  If the shoe fits, ware it!

You know what I'm guilty of?  I'm guilty of being the artist who was unfortunate enough to be next door to you two assholes when you invaded the arts district with your Wurstkuche nightmare!  But I'm not the victim, you are, right?  I just dropped out of the sky to harass you for no reason, right?  WOW!  That's almost psychotic.  How fucking pathetic you little sleaze balls both are!  Was it me who just dropped out of the sky?  Really?  Not the opposite?  Really? You guy's are just like the republicans in the GOP!  Just turn it around and lie, lie, lie!  And I think the judge must have seen that too.  After all you gave her my blogs as evidence!  And after seeing your evidence, I have no doubt she could see the consistency and sincerity in my blogs that your evidence lacks.  You think I write my blogs for the public?  You are ignorant fools and have no clue to an artist's motivations.  My blogs are for me.  My feelings.  My emotions.  My opinions.  I don't give a fuck who reads them, or if anyone reads them. 

And by the way, you actually contradicted your own evidence in multiple places from what I can see at just a glance.  I'm sure the judge could see that too!  This case was a fraud from the start.  You thought you could scare me in to taking my blogs down.  How'd that work out for you two shit for brains wiener cousins?  Let me make this really clear... I did ,and still do, stand by every word I've written about you phony idiots.  And I had two years to get to know you two yuppie pricks, Joseph.  Two years of pure torture!

And since you brought it up in your law suit which I will be posting parts of soon, let's talk about my observations of you with regards to my comment about what I perceive as your un-normal reaction to my non sexual pin up art.  I distinctly recall you calling my art work porn and smut despite it's lack of any sexual content what so ever.  Isn't that correct, Joey?  So you consider nudity in itself pornography?  Is that a religious thing?  Because I also remember inviting you to come into my studio to look at my large original canvases.  Do you remember that?  Do you remember your reaction to my art work?  I do. You were probably in my studio for less then 30 seconds.  You walked in and looked like a nun that had just walked into a men's dressing room!  You almost immediately got flustered and said you forgot something and turned and walked out.  But I could see it was your reaction to the gallery of beautiful naked girls in my studio.  Now I've studied the psychology of human sexuality in college and I have shot erotica for over 30 years now.  I know what the normal male reaction is to my art work and your reaction was not that of a healthy straight male.  Because I see that reaction all the time.  Running like a scared nun or calling my glamorous pin up art pornography is not the norm for a male your age.  So what is your fucking problem with beautiful naked girls, Joseph?  Are you gay?  I mean, that's okay.  But if not, then personally I think you have a problem with human sexuality in general, or maybe just your own.  But again Joseph, that's' just my opinion from my personal experience with you.  That's why my blogs are here.  So I can document my personal experiences.  And the hell you brought with you to the arts district is unfortunately one of my experiances.  My two years of inflicted hell by you two self centered yuppie pricks.  And now you have a  permanent record too!  A direct result of this law suit, your own actions.  And FYI,  I leave the fiction for my Sci-Fi scripts.  My blogs are my opinions from my experiances.  And my experiance with you two little assholes is clearly refleted in my blogs, get it?  I think the two of you, Joseph Pitruzzelli, Tyler Wilson, are pure up and coming republican pond scum that I'm sure want to be just like the Koch brothers.  Well your off to a great start sleazeballs!  And that's how I feel about you because that's how you treated me as your artist neighbor and nothing has changed.

NO RESPECT FOR YOUR ARTIST NEIGHBORS.  Are we learning about artist rights yet, you pathetically ignorant consciousless assholes?

-David Goldner

COURT RULING 10/15/2012


Posted 9-29-12

Wurstkuche Restaurant Owners, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson,
still continue to be the self serving, self centered anti-artist hypocrites of the LA Arts District.
Young republicans who continue to date to violate Los Angeles artists rights.  A Wurstkuche tradition since 2009!

Well I just looked on line and gee... no more future court hearings?  A year of court hearings and filing papers against their artist x-neighbor by the self serving pathetic phony victims, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson and their pin headed law team has come to the climax.  PENDING.......................  Funny that the first paper these idiots filed were papers to keep me out of the hearings, out of the law suit they filed against me!  Obviously so they could have a one sided augment with themselves and be as slanted and dishonest as humanly possible, I'm sure.  Just like all the fucking republicans in this country, Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments just wants to keep investing in their own egos and rig the game and to present a one sided argument.  I guess it would have been hard for them to actually look me in the eye as they try to deny one thing I've written about them.  But they know my verdict is already in and my papers and evidence are filed with the public!  "WURSTKUCHESUCKS.COM"

The sleazy republican wiener boys, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, the owners of Wurstkuche Restaurant, are the true anti-artists of the LA Arts district, they are self centered assholes who have continued to try and make my life a living nightmare.  They are doing it now with this blatant harassment law suit the same as they did as my neighbors after they invaded the Los Angeles arts district and disrupted my life with their illegal use of the Artist in Residence directly next door to my arts district studio, turning the long time AIR loft directly next to me into a noisy 24 hour illegal commercial warehouse.  Their egos drive them to continue their efforts to pathetically try to play the poor little multi-million dollar corporate victims of nothing more then my well deserved opinions about what they did to me and who they are to me as they now try to bully me into taking my blogs down with their new found money and self perceived power.  How wurstkuche of them!  What fucking pathetic sleazy little hypocrites they both are!  Putting me through hell and then trying to play the victim?  Not going to happen!  They call my personal blogs about what they put me through "defamation".  Defamation?  HA!  What a fucking joke!! The ultimate defense for defamation is the truth!  And I'll be damned if there is one thing I've written about these pathetic assholes that isn't true or my opinion!  And my opinion of them is pretty fucking low!  They moved into the arts district and disrupted my life as their neighbor with the illegal use of the AIR next to me and they didn't and to date have never, never once apologized for what they put me through on a daily basis after they moved in.  They have acted like they had the right to what they did and they did not!  They just don't care and now just want to try to bully the evidence away of how they treated me along with my first amendment rights.  They are making too much money to care!  That's the bottom line.  And that's why there are no more artists around Wurstkuche in the arts district.  They have been a retail magnet.  A commercial nightmare for what was once a safe creative environment for artists.  No more.  I moved out of the nicest studio I've ever had as a direct result of Wurstkuche moving in and causing 2 years of hell for me!  And the sleazy Paul Solomon is just as guilty and he and Wurstkuche were both cited by the city of Los Angeles for the illegal use of that artist loft! 

What sleazy self serving pathetic little scum bag republicans Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson are for trying to play the victim with this law suit after what they did to me!  Assholes!  Wurstkuche Restaurant and it's idiot republican owners as well as my sleazy x-landlord, Paul Solomon, are any artist's worst nightmare come true.  They were definitely mine!  What blatant pathetic plutocrats they all are!  They are all nothing more then a self serving, inconsiderate, republican ideologues that don't give a fuck how much they lie, cheat or disrupt any one around them as long as they get what they want and continue to make money!  Sound familiar?  Joseph Pitruzzelli, Tyler Wilson and Paul Solomon are just like all the fucking republicans in this country as far as I'm concerned.  They are all sleazy and self serving yuppie douche bags that will get what they deserve in the end!!  "WURSTKUCHESUCKS.COM"  The truth of who they really are in bold print and graphic design forever more!

Blogs are now also on line at,, and, that clearly documents in pictures, sounds and personal blogs, what Paul Solomon allowed these assholes to do to me as their artist neighbor after Wurstkuche move their illegal warehouse in next door to my studio. 

More details can be read at:

Wurstkuche Restaurant and Paul Solomon cited by the city of Los Angeles for illegal use of Artist in Residence Loft.

Posted  9-18-12
Hack Photographer Jerome Duchange Still Trashing the Streets of Los Angeles

Jerome Duchange aka Studio 1015, is a completely unprofessional self cedntered asshole as far as I'm concerned!  To think I actually moved here because I thought there was another photographer in the building.  This guy is another digital joker playing photographer!  Jerome Duchange is a french slob that still continues to literally just throw his trashed seamlesses out onto the street as if that's okay and the professional thing to do.  (POSTING FROM 2011) What a douche bag this guy is!  I apologize to the city of Los Angeles for this slob.  Jerome Duchange does not act like or represent any real photographer's I know.  As far as I'm concerned he nothing more than a digital hack that wouldn't know a creative thought if he slept with it.  STOP TRASHING THE STREETS YOU SELF CENTERED ASSHOLE!

Posted 8-18-12
And yes, Wurstkuche still sucks and my blogs are still on line...

It's was one year ago today that the frivolous lawsuit was filed against me and the corporate douche bags at Wurstkuche continue to this day to file paper with the court, pathetically playing the role of some kind of victim as they desperately try to deny the illegal use of the AIR next to my Arts District studio and what that illegal use did to me as their neighbor.  What pathetic assholes they are!       Here's the same post I put up when I got first the lawsuit.  Nothing has changed...

First Amendment to the United States Constitution

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This is to all the ignorant yuppie assholes out there who think they can quash the constitution and an artist's first amendment rights... Yes, that would include the pathetically ignorant wiener boys of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC and Wurstkuche restaurant, Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli who don't want a mirror held up to their faces or any kind of reminder of what they did to me as their neighbor after they moved into the arts district.  I've had 4 lofts in the arts district over about 25 years and never experienced anything like this until these self serving idiots moved in and totally disrupted my life with their overwhelming invasiveness on so many levels, including their blatantly arrogant sense of entitlement and lack of consideration for their neighbors, including me, that forced me into a battle with the management over there illegal use of an AIR building as a 24 hour noisy warehouse!

I am in the arts district to be around artist, to be inspired, to create, not be in the middle of the hellish nightmare Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli created for me by using an AIR building, a residential building for artists, as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for their over priced, over cooked, mediocre sausage factory!!!  I moved out as a direct result to what those assholes did to me and that section of the arts district, an area I've had lived in over 25 years!

Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli and Wurstkuche restaurant turned my creative workspace into a hellish living nightmare for me.  And to date, still have no conscience or regret about what they did to me!  They tried to ruin my life by filing a false police report just to harass me with a totally unwarranted restraining order that was full of twisted bullshit and blatant lies!  Then they never even showed up in court to defend what they did or the pack of lies they vomited up in the police report!  Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli the owners of Wurstkuche restaurant don't have a drop of integrity between them and are just self serving lying sleaze balls that I consider the scum of the arts district!  Like spoiled children, they just don't give a damn about anything but themselves!  Why should they?  They're making to much money to care about what they have done to me or the effect they have had on any of the artist's surrounding them since they moved in!

YOU DISRUPTED MY LIFE YOU BLIND SELF CENTERED SNOTTY LITTLE ASSHOLES!!  You turned the arts district into a noisy congested living hell for me and anyone around you!  You don't have a fucking clue to what that section of the arts district was like before you invasive noisy yuppies moved in and disrupted it!  Well I do!!

My blogs are my personal opinion from my personal experiences, just as it says above.  These blogs are how I honestly feel based on my experiences and interactions with who I write about, and no one can tell me it isn't. And writing out what is bothering me and how I feel is my method of getting something out and then moving on.  Or at least trying to.  No one can tell me that my perception of people from my experiences with them are wrong.  They are my perception from my experiences!  And my experiences say that Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli are pathetic assholes that have earned every word I have castigated them with in my blogs!  The words I have chosen are the way I personally feel about them and I stand by every word I write in my blogs and so does the first amendment!
-David Goldner

The law suit by the sleazy republican owners of Wurstkuche is nothing but bullshit harassment to quash the blogs about my personal experiences, and to my amazement has been allowed by the courts to continue to this day.  August 18, 2012.
David G.

Posted 8-10-12

I love these Olympic games!  I don't remember ever getting into them before.  But maybe it's because I'm watching on a big screen right in front of me and it really puts me there!  Makes me think... The def, dumb, and just stupid republican party needs to embrace our melting pot and stop all their bigotry and racism.  I love all these people working together!

I've found, you really have to get to know someone before you can call them an asshole and or a pathetic douche bag.  Like the people I've unfortunately gotten to know who are in my blogs.  They obviously didn't pass my Olympic try outs.  I believe you have to truly despise someone on their own personal merits, not malicious right wing rumors on spread by Fox noise channel! 
David G.

Posted 7-5-12

I just looked at my grades for last semester and got all A's!  Not that I'm taking these classes for the grades, but.... I'll see if I can go for 4.0
next semester too.  5 classes, 16 units!  I must be crazy. I think 12 is considered full time.  I don't think I ever took that many in one semester.
But I figured it would take at least 3 semesters to do all the clases I want to take, even loaded down.  Phisics should be very cool and great
for my writing.  Lots of phisics in Wrangle. Using entangled particles as a very important plot point in Wrangle.  And as sci-fi as they are in
concept, they are fucking real which is even more cool!  I'm designing the wormhole / time machine space station in Maya now to make it
easier to write about.  Mixing maya with my art to do a few more paintings as well.  Great to mix everything I know into my art! 
Now that's mixed media!

Posted 6/26/2012

Just came back from 10 days of camping in Yosemite.  Love this place!  Brought the dogs and my lap top and I worked on the outline for "Wrangle in Time" by a river and a raging wood fire.  Very cool!  Wrangle is a new script I'm gonna write.  Perfect setting since most of it is a Western.  Of course with a sci-fi twist if I'm writing it!   "Can a thirty first century cop set things right after a genetically engineered soldier escapes custody, goes back in time to 1865 through an artificially created wormhole, and changes the history and the future of the planet."  I guess we'll see if 'Cory Decker' my protagonist can save 31st century Earth from master mind, Reginald Reed, my antagonist.  I hope Yosemite will still be here in 3165!


Been busy in school.  Love the classes I'm taking!  Signed up for the fall.  16 units!  But anyway, I see that the anti-artists of the LA Arts District have not dismissed their harassment suit, only "continued" it...  OK, I guess I will "continue" my case to the public too!  Just set up a few new sub domains so I can start to customize the sites...

You are all pathetic self serving scum bags that have earned your legacies!  Fuck you all very much!

 Back to school....  Have a nice day!


Posted 3/25/2012 is now on line is now on line.  This is what happens when you harass someone out of their own studio and then try to sue them to hide the truth about what you did!  They make sure the truth will stay out there and stand on it's own!

I wonder if the brilliant legal sausage brains of Joseph Piturzzelli and Tyler Wilson of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investment actually think more people have read my blogs before or after they filed their frivolous self serving bullshit harassment suit?  Good "investment' wiener boys!  How's that working for you, you egotistical little yuppie pricks?  Well here's another new site for you and your inflated egos to dwell over...

And as long as their spinless law suit is still alive and trying to harass me, so is my resolve to keep posting the truth about what these pathetic self centered jerks did to me as their neighbor after they invaded the arts district with their illegal use of the AIR next to me.  And Jan Perry and the city of LA are just as responsible for allowing this to happen all over the arts district!  Wurstkuche illegal warehouse was a 24 hour sausage nightmare in what was a long time residential unit in the LA arts district! The LA Arts District is no longer a creative environment for artist, but has become a corporate haven for self serving yuppie assholes like Joseph Piturzzelli and Tyler Wilson of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments.


Serving one‘s own selfish interests, esp. at the expense of others.

Posted 2-19-12


On February 16th, I got this email below from The Law Firm of Alan Novodor who is representing Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson who are currently trying to sue me for calling them douche bags, assholes, yuppie scum bags and the anti-artist of the Arts District as well as a few other choice names they earned as my disruptive inconsiderate neighbors.  I should thank them for fulfilling my anti-artist prophecy and proving my point with this bullshit law suit!  Anyway, Alan Novodor, their attorney was inquiring about the asking price of my new web site, that I mentioned was for sale if by chance they wanted it.

A few things striking about this letter, other then 'hey, what happened to the law suit they were going to "prove-up"'? ... First and most obvious to me is that this attorney has the nerve to ask me to be reasonable with the sale price of my new domain when he and his clients, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, have filed a 100,000.00 law suit against me for doing nothing more then blogging about the hell they and Wurstkuche Restaurant have put me through since they showed up as my arts district neighbors 3 years ago this month.  And here they are still continuing to try and harrass me with this totally frivolous law suit a year after I left the arts district, hoping they would scare me into taking my blogs down.  What egos all you idiots have!  All you guys did was piss me off!  Now, with a ittle help my blogs have been posted in more places then they ever would have been before this stupid law suit and I have created exclusive domains to make sure they stay on-line and visible. 

But what is revealing to me about the narrow mindedness of most attorney's in general is the comment from Thomas Bishop, Alan Novodor's colleague who sent me the email that I replied to above.  That reply from me was forwarded to Allan Novodor along with a little comment from Thomas that I don't think he intended for me to read... or maybe he did.  Either way, not a very good way to get on any one of my personality's good sides or to persuade me to "be reasonable".  "Reasonable" is a very subjective state of mind.

The comment Thomas Bishop made about me is highlighted in yellow in the email below.   Remember, this is a person I have never met, never dealt with nor have I ever spoken with him before I replied to his email to me from The Law Firm of Alan G. Novodor... 

My original letter as well as other full emails and blogs are now at

Re_ Pitruzzelli_Wilson_VS_Goldner_Wiener_Socio_Response.pdf

My respose to Alan Novodor, Thomous Bishop and the pathietic wiener boys regarding: "Being reasonable". 


Re_ Pitruzzelli_Wilson_VS_Goldner_Goldner_Response.pdf
The wiener idiots wanted to make me the bad guy?  They got it. I'm going to be the bad guy for them. They want to think of me as a sociopath for standing up for my rights?  I'll give them that guy too and he'll be their WURST fucking nightmare.  And I'll do it all by using the truth, empirical evidence and a bit of artistic flare, because the truth is what they can't kill and what hurts them the most!

Posted 2-19-12

Rick Santorum wants to be a religous right wing dictator
and would be scary holding any office in this time continuum!

These videos can also be found at



Posted 12-26-11
Wurstkuche Sucks - No respect for their artist neighbors
What else can I say that this domain name doesn't?  So I registered it last week in response to the frivolous wiener suit.  This sign was in my studio window in the LA Arts District for the last 6 months I was there and it still rings true today.  It makes a perfect statement and actually comes from everyone that walked in my door who heard the story and saw the pictures of what I was going through after the 24 hour nightmare, Wurstkuche Restaurant, moved in and illegally used the AIR unit directly next to me as a warehouse for the restaurant next door.  Everyone said:  "Wow!  That sucks!"  And you know what?  They were right.  IT DID SUCK!  Just going through the law suits, images and sound files is pissing me off again thinking about what these assholes have put me through already!

I moved out of the Arts District almost a year ago as a direct result of Wurstkuche moving in and their illegally using the AIR unit directly next to me, a residential artist's loft, as an illegal noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for there restaurant next door.  They disrupted my life, put me in a battle with my landlords, and all as they consciously and continuously tortured me as their neighbor on a daily basis with the illegal use of that AIR unit directly next to me at 808 E. 3rd St.  And now they want to play the victom here?  Pathetic!  The wiener boys didn't want to let my year old blogs about what I went through with them go, and now once again have invaded my life as they actually have the nerve to try and sue me for nothing more then "harsh language" in my own personal blogs.  What a joke!  What they call defamation, I call documentation of my horrendous experiences with them as neighbors after they moved in!  Violating my personal rights to live in peace for 2 years on a daily basis!  And as far as I'm concerned they are now blatantly trying to violate my first amendment rights as well!  What frivolous bullshit this suit is after what these fucking pathetic assholes physically put me through!  As if they can actually deny it!  Okay assholes, as they used to say in school: "Now you've got a permanent record".  Here you little yuppie bitches... Your own personal Wurstkuche history site with all the evidence I collected of how you arrived in the Arts District on my studio's front porch and on my creative back!  And hey... just for you weak of heart... no four letter words there either!  I'll save that for my blogs.  ASSHOLES! just has the facts and evidence of what you little arrogant pricks did to me after you arrived.  Something that you pathetic sleazy little corporate scum bags want to now try to bury and deny with this law suit.  Well fuck you!  I'm not going to let that happen because you and I both know that everything I've said in my blogs about you sausage douche bags is true and from my own unfortunate experiences with you.  And now you can try and deny the actual evidence I'm posting on  It will show exactly what you conscienceless assholes put me through after you invaded the Arts District, and it will now be on line at forever more!  Did you know you can register a domain for 100 years?  This one is still very much under construction.  But I've posted a few things to get it started with much more to come. 

ps...Hey boys..........  go fuck yourselves!  The truth of how your arrogant corporate asses treated me as your neighbor will prevail!

Wurstkuche... Pucking on their artist neighbors since 2009.
 And yes... this was another satisfied Wurstkuch customer pucking at my studio's doorway.
Just one of the many perks I had after Wurtstkuche moved in next to my studio in the LA Arts District.
The first few times they used my planters!