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Posted 12-26-11
Wurstkuche Sucks - No respect for their artist neighbors

What else can I say that this domain name doesn't?  So I registered it last week in response to the frivolous wiener suit.  This sign was in my studio window in the LA Arts District for the last 6 months I was there and it still rings true today.  It makes a perfect statement and actually comes from everyone that walked in my door who heard the story and saw the pictures of what I was going through after the 24 hour nightmare, Wurstkuche Restaurant, moved in and illegally used the AIR unit directly next to me as a warehouse for the restaurant next door.  Everyone said:  "Wow!  That sucks!"  And you know what?  They were right.  IT DID SUCK!  Just going through the law suits, images and sound files is pissing me off again thinking about what these assholes have put me through already!

I moved out of the Arts District almost a year ago as a direct result of Wurstkuche moving in and their illegally using the AIR unit directly next to me, a residential artist's loft, as an illegal noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for there restaurant next door.  They disrupted my life, put me in a battle with my landlords, and all as they consciously and continuously tortured me as their neighbor on a daily basis with the illegal use of that AIR unit directly next to me at 808 E. 3rd St.  And now they want to play the victom here?  Pathetic!  The wiener boys didn't want to let my year old blogs about what I went through with them go, and now once again have invaded my life as they actually have the nerve to try and sue me for nothing more then "harsh language" in my own personal blogs.  What a joke!  What they call defamation, I call documentation of my horrendous experiences with them as neighbors after they moved in!  Violating my personal rights to live in peace for 2 years on a daily basis!  And as far as I'm concerned they are now blatantly trying to violate my first amendment rights as well!  What frivolous bullshit this suit is after what these fucking pathetic assholes physically put me through!  As if they can actually deny it!  Okay assholes, as they used to say in school: "Now you've got a permanent record".  Here you little yuppie bitches... Your own personal Wurstkuche history site with all the evidence I collected of how you arrived in the Arts District on my studio's front porch and on my creative back!  And hey... just for you weak of heart... no four letter words there either!  I'll save that for my blogs.  ASSHOLES!

WurstkucheSucks.com just has the facts and evidence of what you little arrogant pricks did to me after you arrived.  Something that you pathetic sleazy little corporate scum bags want to now try to bury and deny with this law suit.  Well fuck you!  I'm not going to let that happen because you and I both know that everything I've said in my blogs about you sausage douche bags is true and from my own unfortunate experiences with you.  And now you can try and deny the actual evidence I'm posting on WurstkucheSucks.com.  It will show exactly what you conscienceless assholes put me through after you invaded the Arts District, and it will now be on line at WurstkucheSucks.com forever more!  Did you know you can register a domain for 100 years?  This one is still very much under construction.  But I've posted a few things to get it started with much more to come. 

ps...Hey boys..........  go fuck yourselves!  The truth of how your arrogant corporate asses treated me as your neighbor will prevail!

Posted 12-21-11
Winter wonderland

As much as I would like to jump in my car with my dogs and be in Time Square by New Years, I have to realize that fighting winter roads may not be all that much fun.  Got to wait till spring.  Can fly if I have to shoot sooner not that marketing there is any better then here at the moment.   I'm going to see if I can take another Maya course and a few other computer classes in the mean time.  The new 2012 interface is a bit different and I just don't use it enough to get ahead of the updates.  But I love what I love what I can do in it.  Just need a 3D guru.

Posted 12-16-11
Murphy's Law

I was supposed to have an informal meeting at the court this morning with the wiener boys and the judge where I was hoping to say most of this in person... but unfortunately I actually went to the wrong Hill street court house!  There are two courts on Hill St. in downtown LA and for some reason I thought this hearing was at the Hill Street court house near Washington.  I know the other one has a Grand avenue address and that's what confused me when I saw Hill St. on the court papers.  I just assumed it was the court on Hill near Washington and that's where I went for the meeting.  Totally my mistake and I'm actually pissed at myself because I wanted to get this over with.  I guess it's Murphy's Law since I spent a lot of time last night going through all the evidence I collected from the two law suits I filed against Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson, aka, Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC, aka, Wurstkutche Restaurant. aka, my incredibly disruptive inconsiderate self centered, self serving, self absorbed neighbors in the LA Sausage District.  I mean Arts District...  I needed to get the evidence ready to post on it's own permanent domain anyway and now it's all rattling around in my head again, so I have to write it out of my head... so to speak....

I was actually looking forward to presenting the truth to the judge about how Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson actually did torture me... let me repeat that for their attorney... THEY TORTURED ME NIGHTLY with on-going sleep deprivation and they knew it and they didn't care because it was convenient for them to use that totally un-insolated residential loft I shared a common wall with directly next to me, despite the fact that they daily violated my personal rights as well as LAMC and LADBS noise ordinance codes nightly between 10:00pm and 8:00am and had absolutely "No Respect for Their Artist Neighbors", namely me, who actually lived next to them in what's supposed to be the Arts District!  Bottom line is I was being tortured nightly for their convenience and they knew it and just didn't care!  And make no mistake, sleep deprivation is real torture!  Especially for someone like me who already has insomnia and takes Ambien to sleep!  And they new that too!  And yes, even on Ambien they not only woke me nightly, they woke me multiple times nightly and then early almost every morning!  That's what I sued them for!  How would you like to be woken by 5:30 to 6:30 deliveries outside your window on an almost daily basis?!  It just never stopped after they moved in!  They literally drove me out of my studio the very first week they took that Artist loft when they started to litterally grind, pound and wheld metal in that loft!  They used that un-insolated loft next to me for noisy construction and then turned it into a noisy 24 hour a day commercial warehouse for their restaraunt next door, with no regard for me or any of the neighbors in my building for that matter!  Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson never cared that they moved in and disrupted my life and my sleep nightly, and the contempt I feel for these conscienceless corporate assholes is very real because they literally disrupted my life and just didn't care, and the harshness in my blogs for what they put me through is very well deserved and not harsh enough as far as I'm concerned.

I do feel bad for the court that I missed the meeting because I really wanted to get this all out today, but I was able to call the court clerk who said the meeting was going to be "continued".  So I guess I'll get my chance if I'm still in town.  Funny that they don't want to just set a trial date and get this over because this informal meeting won't change a thing.  I guess they think an informal meeting will somehow intimidate me into taking my blogs down and somehow change my mind.  Way too late for that!  The damage is already done.  Not going to happen boys!  I will be happy to repeat every syllable in my blogs in court if I have to.  I continue to stand by every four letter word I have used to describe my horrendous experiences with the arrogant cousins, Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson, after they invaded the arts district with their none stop disruption of my life, that they seem to want to continue to disrupt even now a year later.  My bluntness is what they don't like.  My personal blogs hold up a mirror to their faces and they don't like what I see.  They were in my face, disrupting my life everyday and every night after they turned the residential artist loft next to me into a noisy 24 hour beer keg warehouse and that's why they are in my blogs!

My blogs have been totally consistant regarding what they put me through and will never change because it's the truth and this law suit is nothing more then blatantly frivolous bullshit and a deliberate waste of the courts time and mine.  But I guess they have too much arrogance and a lot of sausage money to burn on their greasy grill!  Every word I've written is from my unfortunate personal experiences.  This harassment suit attempts to change the history of how Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson disrupted my life and killed any flow of creativity I had as an artist for the 2 years I had to endure their on-going 24 hour illegal use of a residential unit as a commercial warehouse for their restaurant.  In 30 years, I've never had such incredibly inconsiderate self absorbed neighbors who totally disrupted my life the way these corporate assholes did.  And in my opinion their business has permanently disrupted that whole section of the LA Arts District with smoke, noise and congestion on a daily basis.  And now that I'm gone, their uninterupted use of what was a long time Artist In Residence unit at 808 E. 3rd street as their 24 hour commercial warehouse in what was the heart of the arts district.  Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson under the umbrella of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC, were a 24 hour noisy, inconsiderate, sausage nightmare for me as their artist neighbor and they named that nightmare, Wurstkutche Restaurant.  Or Wurst Kutche as the neighborhood artist's call them.

Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson never gave a damn about disrupting me from the start and never will as long as their corporate asses are raking in millions of dollars of sausage money.  It was reported on line they made 3 million their first year as they cut my productivity as their neighbor to 1/6th of what it was the year before they arrived.  And they have the nerve to say in their law suit that somehow my blogs have cost them money?  Really?  What a joke!  Funny that they opened a second over priced mediocre sausage factory across town in Venice since I left the arts district almost a year ago.  And somehow my blogs have hurt your poor little multi million dollar corporation?  Can you say lying corporate sleaze balls?  Can you say full financial disclosure with a charted correlation to my blogs?  And how many people do you think actually read my blogs who are in Los Angeles and how many of those people actually give a fuck what I think?  Unfortunately I have to say that if anyone actually cared about what I wrote in my blogs, I'd probably still be in the Arts District!  My blogs are for me.  These are my diaries.

Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson's self serving statements, attitude and actions are a mirror of this country's current corporate greed by the 1%.  With their success has grown their shameless arrogance.  Can you say 1%ers stepping on a 99%er?   Can you say greedy corporation stepping on their struggling artist neighbor and trying to bully him with their money as they try to bury the truth of what they've actually done?  The wiener boys are trying to bury their neighbor's perspective of how they arrived in the Arts district with the foot print of a Tyrantosaurus Rex, half of which was on their neighbor's back!?  Yes, that would be me!  That's Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson self made history that they now are trying to deny.  That's the history in my blogs that they want to try and quash as they continue to try to disavow what they did to me.  This law suit by them is a blatant attempt to violate my first amendment rights to speak my mind and the truth about what they did to me.  And this suit is just an attempt to harass me into taking down my blogs which are a personal diary of what I went through with them and why I sued them twice!  Taking my blogs down is just not going to happen, wiener boys!  My blogs were true when I wrote them last year and they are just as true now, and Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson very well know it!!!  But they are unrepentant and they have no shame about the hell they put me through after they moved into the Arts District and killed the artistic and livable aspects of one of the nicest studios I've ever had!

These corporate assholes tortured me and harassed me out of my own arts district studio.  They put me in a battle with my irresponsible, money hungry slumlord, Paul Solomon, who I feel totally defrauded me over the illegal commercial use of that long time Artist in Residence loft next door to me and I told him so to his face in court.  Paul Solomon rented me a creative live / work space, then allowed Wurst Kutche to make it totally unlivable for me or anyone for that matter.  So now they have actually turned my old studio, one of the nicest artist studios in the arts district, into a specialty retail clothing store with Beverly Hills prices!  A store for Yuppies!   Just what the struggling artists in the Arts District need, right?

And now, almost a year after I left the arts district, the wiener boys want to try and sue me for harsh language in my blogs that I wrote as their neighbor, after the way they treated me?  What a pile of pure self serving bullshit from two pathetic self absorbed sausage sleaze balls that don't have a clue to what the Arts District was like before they moved in and disrupted it and my life!  They think because they've personally been successful, it's been good for the Arts District.  No!!!  It's just good for them, because as the artist that was directly next door to them when they moved in, they have been my worst nightmare come true and they don't like me being vocal about how they treated me!  They are the anti-artists of the arts district to me and this law suit just confirms everything I came to know about them over two torturous years as their neighbor.  They are oblivious to why an artist would be in the arts district in the first place.  And if they are not oblivious, then that just emphasizes my point that they just don't care.  Or do you guys actually an honestly think you were good neighbors?????  NOT!!!!!!!!

This whole ordeal I've been put through is very "republican" to me and seems like a metaphor for the self serving corporate greed going on in this country.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Maybe monkey sausage too?


--Needed to get this out of me so I can concentrate on my painting!
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Posted 12-14-11
(my) Theory of Our Universe...

For some reason I can’t get this out of my mind so I need to write it down...  Having studied astronomy since college and still being an amateur astronomer, I have kept up with all the new discoveries of Hubble and the newest String and Multi-Verse theories in theoretical physics.  I am far from any kind of mathematician, but have always theorized about the universe in my sci-fi scripts as I now try to include Dark Matter in the mix of my writing.  But something clicked when I was reading about the Multi-Verse and Branes, and I thought there could be a link to dark matter and dark energy, that would also account for the initial rapid expansion of the primal universe at the moment of what we call the big bang.  ….  My thought or wild sci-fi theory as it may be, is that Branes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy are all the same thing. 

Here’s how I see it…  If there is a multi-verse of the theorized Branes, each containing one or more universe, what if these Branes were actually made of what we call Dark Matter.  A substance we know to at least have the properties of immense gravitational force if nothing else.  A gravitational force strong enough to encapsulate our universe like a bubble, or Brane as the case may be.  But what if it does have other properties like polarity?  And what if another Brane had the opposite polarity.  Wouldn't that be like a matter universe and an anti-matter universe colliding, causing something just like the big bang we apparently started with?

If brains do smack together as I’ve heard theorized and the Brane was made of "Dark Matter", then that dark matter would blend into the mix of our universe, and that's exactly what we see now.  Maybe all the other material was the soup between the Branes.  And when those Branes did smack together, have you ever seen two bubbles touch and how rapidly those points expand into each other?  That seems to me, that’s just like what happened in the rapid inflation of the universe in those first milliseconds.  Like two bubbles touching, possibly pulling some of the surrounding material outside into those Multi-Verses as they cosmically collided.

And if the Branes surrounding our little universe are Dark Matter, then wouldn’t that gravitational force account for the current acceleration we see in the most distant galaxies?  It’s theorized they are being ‘pushed’ apart.  But I think if there is something like dark matter surrounding our universe like a bubble, maybe they are being pulled outward by that overwhelming and surrounding gravitational force instead.  If that’s the case, then Branes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy could all be the same thing.  Not knowing any of the actual math involved, that’s my own little theory of Branes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  It seems to make sense... to me at least!

-David Goldner

Posted 12-9-11

Evidence Gets It's Own Domain

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Law of the Universe.  The wiener boys want to once again invade my life and force themselves into being my focus of attention, so they got it.  I decided I have so much evidence to show what Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson actually put me through as their unfortunate neighbor after Wurstkutche invaded the Arts District, photos, videos, audio files, the actual law suits I filed against them, complaints to them about their continued illegal use of the AIR unit directly next to me at 808 e. 3rd st., especially between 10:00pm and 8am, letters to my landlord about their constant disruptive use and not complying with AIR hours, letters to the city about the LAMC and LADBS code violations, letters to the city council about their lack of respect for the AIR aspect of the building, the vandalism report against Tyler Wilson, the illegal usage citation finally issued to Tyler Wilson by the city of Los Angeles citing them for that illegal use of an AIR unit at 808 E. 3rd St. as a warehouse that was an on going nightmare for me as their neighbor and that still never stopped even after the citation!

I have so much evidence that shows their never ending 24 hour disruption of fulminating noise in what was once before they arrived a creative enviroment for me.  This documantation, the history of Wurstkutche's thunderouse arrival in the Arts district really deserves it's own domain so the truth will be know...  it's very own web site that will be on line forever more....  So today, since they seem to want to focus my attention back onto them and continue to harass me and interrupt my life even a year after they harassed me out of my own studio, I registered the perfect domain name for my archive of evidence and already posted a splash page on line while I design the web site.  Not going to say what the domain name is right now.  But I'm sure the wiener boys do remember my favorite tag line.   It's a perfect domain name to state the obvious.  But we'll let people look through it all and decide on there own what I was put through as their artist neighbor. 

Posted 12-7-11

Just got served the law suit again!  Same paperwork I got in the mail.  Can you say overkill?

Posted 12-4-11
The Corporate Assholes Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC and Wurstkuche Restaurant are at it again!  They have no shame!

Came back to my LA studio to find a pile of mail including the frivolous law suit that attempts to violate my first amendment rights, from the corporate wiener boys, Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC and Wurstkuche restaurant.  Again, what a bunch of frivolous bullshit! 

I left the arts district almost a year ago and other then mentioning them in one paragraph in another blog, haven't written a thing about them since I moved almost a year ago.  (Been trying to get their bad taste out of my mouth since I left!)  But now, their back!  And trying to erase the mirror I put up in front of them, my blogs, which are a true history of what happened to me after their unfortunate arrival in the arts district and how they disrupted the lives of me and everyone around them!  They grew like a fungous in the Amazon jungle and have had the footprint of a Terrainasaurus Rex in the arts district and half of that foot was on my artistic back as they made millions!!  These pathetic idiots have no conscience what so ever about how overwhelmingly disruptive they have been to me and the arts district and they just don't care.  They don't care that their continued 24 hour illegal use of a residential unit next to me disrupted my life and my business and drove me out of the arts district after forcing me into battling my landlord over the illegal use of that AIR unit next door.  But as long as Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson are making money they don't seem to mind stepping on anyone.  Because that's what they did to me as their neighbor.  And unless Joseph and Tyler are actually brain dead, they knew very well that they were continuously and blatantly disrupting my life and my business with no conscience what so ever about their illegal use of that AIR unit directly next to me as a noisy disruptive 24 hour commercial warehouse.  What would you call a person who treats their neighbor like that or treats anyone like that for that matter?  An self centered asshole?  A pathetic sum bag?  A douche bag?  An inconsiderate piece of shit with no integrity?  All of the above???  Funny that the wiener boys or their attorney don't seem to mention that on-going illegal use of that residential unit that was directly next to me in their law suit or that the city cited them for it or that I sued them twice for that illegal use and the disruption it was causing to me as their artist neighbor on a 24 hour basis.  They still continue to act like they have done nothing.  Like I just dropped out of the blue sky to castigate them for no reason.  There isn't one word in my blogs that is not true and I'm actually looking forward to standing by all of my words in court and testing the first amendment.  These assholes literally tortured me with sleep depravation and violated my rights on a daily and nightly basis as they continuously violated LAMC and LADBS noise ordinance codes with no conscience !

Now a year after I left they are trying to violate my first amendment rights for nothing more then documenting what they did to me and to speak my mind about the horrendous experiences they put me through after they moved into the arts district.  These assholes have had absolutely no respect for their artist neighbors what so ever!  They literally disrupted my life as my neighbors.  I filed two law suits against them as their unfortunate neighbor, which I and now turning into PDF files to post on these blogs along with all my photographic, video and sound files, letters of complaints to them, letters of complaints to my landlord, letters of complaints to the city of Los Angeles who then cited them for the illegal use, letters to the city council and Jan Perry, this is all evidence of the daily harrasment they put me through so people can see for themselves what these sleazy corporate jerks actually put me through.


ps... I think NY will be more peaceful.  Saw a loft I really like!

Posted 11-29-11
Seeking Artist Rep

I am currently seeking new representation as a photographer and multi-media artist.  Although I am looking for an established Artist's Rep that knows the national market, I will be happy to meet with and consider all qualified sales persons that may be interested in this high paying commission position.
 If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please get in touch...

Email David Goldner at:

Or Call 


Posted 11-23-11
99% er's

Gotta love these guys here...  Gonna design a 99% t-shirt for them!  ;-)

Posted 11-18-11

New York!!  New York!!

Been years since I've been in NY!  Winters are cold!  But it's a very cool place to be... so to speak.  Could be fun to watch the seasons change and be the middle of time square on new years eve!  Looking for lofts in Manhatten and I'm gonna look in Brooklyn too.  That's where my Dad was from.  NY has a great energy I think it could be great to work in.  Gonna look for gallery's to show my work in NY city too...  I guess I don't have much to write about if I'm not bitching!  Gonna work on my paintings and writing my scripts instead!

Posted 9-11-11
First Amendment to the United States Constitution

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I thought this was appropriate for 9/11...  This is to all the ignorant yuppie assholes out there who think they can quash the constitution and an artist's first amendment rights... Yes, that would include the pathetically ignorant wiener boys of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC and Wurstkuche restaurant, Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli who don't want a mirror held up to their faces or any kind of reminder of what they did to me as their neighbor after they moved into the arts district.  I've had 4 lofts in the arts district over about 25 years and never experienced anything like this until these self serving idiots moved in and totally disrupted my life with their overwhelming invasiveness on so many levels, including their blatantly arrogant sense of entitlement and lack of consideration for their neighbors, including me, that forced me into a battle with the management over there illegal use of an AIR building as a 24 hour noisy warehouse!

I am in the arts district to be around artist, to be inspired, to create, not be in the middle of the hellish nightmare Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli created for me by using an AIR building, a residential building for artists, as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for their over priced, over cooked, mediocre sausage factory!!!  I moved out as a direct result to what those assholes did to me and that section of the arts district, an area I've had lived in over 25 years!

Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli and Wurstkuche restaurant turned my creative workspace into a hellish living nightmare for me.  And to date, still have no conscience or regret about what they did to me!  They tried to ruin my life by filing a false police report just to harass me with a totally unwarranted restraining order that was full of twisted bullshit and blatant lies!  Then they never even showed up in court to defend what they did or the pack of lies they vomited up in the police report!  Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli the owners of Wurstkuche restaurant don't have a drop of integrity between them and are just self serving lying sleaze balls that I consider the scum of the arts district!  Like spoiled children, they just don't give a damn about anything but themselves!  Why should they?  They're making to much money to care about what they have done to me or the effect they have had on any of the artist's surrounding them since they moved in!

YOU DISRUPTED MY LIFE YOU BLIND SELF CENTERED SNOTTY LITTLE ASSHOLES!!  You turned the arts district into a noisy congested living hell for me and anyone around you!  You don't have a fucking clue to what that section of the arts district was like before you invasive noisy yuppies moved in and disrupted it!  Well I do!!

My blogs are my personal opinion from my personal experiences, just as it says above.  These blogs are how I honestly feel based on my experiences and interactions with who I write about, and no one can tell me it isn't. And writing out what is bothering me and how I feel is my method of getting something out and then moving on.  Or at least trying to.  No one can tell me that my perception of people from my experiences with them are wrong.  They are my perception from my experiences!  And my experiences say that Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli are pathetic assholes that have earned every word I have castigated them with in my blogs!  The words I have chosen are the way I personally feel about them and I stand by every word I write in my blogs and so does the first amendment!

Posted 7/31/11
French Photographer Jerome Duchange;
Trashing the Streets of Los Angeles

The images above were shot just out side my studio are just some of the garbage continuously being left 
on the street and many times just being tossed from Jerome Duchange's second story window. 

I went from one asshole as a neighbor to another asshole as a neighbor:
Jerome Duchange, AKA "Garbage Boy"

I moved out of the Arts District several months ago after being tortured for two years by my asshole slumlord, Paul Solomon, and the demonic anti artists of the Arts District, the sexually frustrated Joseph Pitruzzelli, who calls my Vargas style pin-up art "porn", and his little pansy ass scum bag cousin, Tyler "The Liar" Wilson; together AKA, the pathetic yuppie wiener boys of Wurstkuche, also known as Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC and Wurstkuche Restaurant, or "Worst Kuche" as they are called by the local artists around them who they torture on a daily basis since they rudely invaded the Arts District with their noise, congestion and mediocre array of over priced sausages.  Unfortunately, my new neighbor, Jerome "Douchebag" Duchange, and his drama queen girlfriend Ishtar Montes De Oca, aren't much better then the invasive wiener boys were.

In high school in the 70's, the environment became a big deal for my generation and for me as we became aware of what we were dumping into the earth.  My photography teachers in high school and college would always make a point about how we disposed of the chemistry we used to develop film and paper.  We had services that actually picked up the used chemistry and reclaimed the silver from the fixative.  Then in college after studying astronomy and the origin of the universe, and especially after visiting Yosemite for the first time, I was awed by natures pristine grandeur, and I realized how quickly we we're actually fucking everything up with how we treated this world.  Since then, I've been environmentally conscious of how I treat this planet.  I don't just throw my trash on the street and I actually used a service to reclaim the silver from my own darkrooms chemistry.  I realized it's not only bad for the planet and the environment, it's just inconsiderate to everyone else around you and the generations that will come after us.  But considerations like that don't seem to enter my neighbor Jerome Duchange's self centered little mind.

I usually get pissed off when I see someone throwing a small gum wrapper on the sidewalk.  But Jerome Duchange literally throws piles of his trash out his second story window with no consideration for the planet, this city, his neighbors or anyone else around him!  He is a pathetic self centered slob that treats the streets of this city like the French ghetto he must have come from.  And after seeing him do this multiple times now, and after him dumping some white milky liquid all over my plants below his window, I am pissed off enough to blog about it.  (Being pissed off is usually what motivates me to write my blogs in the first place.) 

"Slob" is defined in the dictionary as: "lacking in refinement or perception; insensitive; dull"  And that's Jerome Duchange in a dirty little nutshell.  A big fucking SLOB!  He tosses his trash out the window, right in front of this building and usually from his second floor window!  He is totally self centered and self serving and has no consideration for anyone around him, and yes, since I am directly blow him, that definitely includes me.  I have seen him throw a dirty old rug out his window right in front of my studio, empty paint cans, construction debris, pizza boxes dropped from his window still with left over half eaten slices, and again today after he finished a photo session, he once agin actually balled up about 10 feet of seemless paper (background paper photographers use) and tossed it and other garbage out his window onto the street below.

Gray and white seemless backdrops thrown from Jerome Duchange's second story window.

 In my life, I have never known any professional photographer (and I use the term professional loosely with regards to Jerome) that would do this.  He is a disgusting excuse for a neighbor and must have been brought up by a hord of pigs!  Maybe that's how they get rid of their trash in France, just toss it out the window, but that's not the way it's done in the USA, Jerome!  It's actually illegal to throw any trash on the street and there should be an even bigger fine for throwing it out a second story window!

Jerome, you are a pathetic thoughtless polluter and maybe me letting everyone else know what I have to put up with outside my window will shame you into thinking twice before you do this again.  This is the USA!  Not France, asshole!  KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL!


Posted 6/7/2011
Arrogance Unbound:

My wonderful new neighbor, Studio 1015,  Jerome Duchange

If you ever seen a cartoon that characterizes the French people as being arrogant, self centered and rude, then you’ve already met my new neighbor Jerome Duchange, a mediocre head shot photographer in the studio above me in a downtown Los Angeles M2 zoned building. His name does seem to fit him perfectly since he’s acted like a duchebag since the first day I moved in here. What a piece of work this guy is! A whiny spoiled little child in his 40's that complains about everything I do in this studio. Jerome literally throws temper tantrums, pounding on the floor regularly whenever he hears any music from my studio, even while I have clients here for a photo session. Talk about a pathetic killjoy! Jerome Duchange comes across to me as a pompous pouting child who thinks the world should revolve around him. Sorry Bubba, not me!

When I first moved into this new studio, I was actually excited that another photographer was living above me. But what a whining self centered jackass Jerome turned out to be. He has never once come down and been friendly or even sociable, only to complain about every little noise I make since the day I moved in here! And this is a M2 zoned industrial building!!  In fact, I have never even seen Jerome smile in the 3 or 4 months I've been here.  Not sure if he actually can.  The homeless people in this area have been friendlier then he is!  And on top of having to deal with Jerome's self serving arrogance, all of a sudden, I have found myself having to deal with one of his girlfriends, Ishtar Montes De Oca.  Unfortunately for me, she seems to just be a slightly bitchier version of Jerome, except for the fact that I actually think she has more balls then he does!

Friday night at 8:30 Jerome once again started throwing his daily temper tantrum, pounding on my ceiling, his floor because he hears a slight bass beat from my music.  Most of the time I just ignore him.  But not being in the mood for his attitude and the fact that it was only 8:30 on a Friday night, my response this time was to turn the music up to drown him out and to show him the difference between the way I play my music, and what loud really is. Again, this is a M2 zoned industrial building and any industrial noise I make in here is perfectly legal. A concept that Jerome’s self absorbed brain doesn’t seem to understand. After a few songs, I actually turned the music back down to where I was first listening to it. A few minutes later, Ishtar Montes De Oca came to my door and literally started a non stop rant that consisted of totally non sequitur babble. Keep in mind I never said more then 2 words to this girl who only seemed to show up here in the last few weeks.  And the words we had were becuse she and Jerome blocked my car in one day with hers and caused me to miss a meeting.

As Ishtar ranted, the only sentence I could actually understand was her telling me that Jerome rides a motor cycle. What that has to do with anything, I really don’t know. But maybe that’s what turns her on and so she had to tell me. Either way, it was the only sentence in her rant that I could actually remember.  And when I tried to speak up or even get a word in edge wise as she flapped her lips at a mile a minute, she just got louder and so I got louder too. I finally told her if she didn’t shut up and let me speak, that I would close the door on her. So she said ok, speak… But literally after only getting out two words, babbling Ishtar again started her motorized mouth going with her unintelligible rant, not letting me get a word in edgewise. Then when I got louder to speak over her, she actually called me “a pussy” for trying to talk over her.  At which point I just closed the door. So let’s get this straight... Jerome pounds on the floor like 'HE MAN', then sends his girlfriend down to fight his battles... and I’m the pussy? Wow! French logic is even stranger then the sci-fi scripts I write!

After this incident, I sat down and wrote Jerome a letter (posted below), and carbon copied one to my landlord to let him know what was going on.  After 3 or 4 months of his tantrums, it's been long coming.  My landlord wanted to set up a meeting for Jerome and I to meet with him to see if we can work it out so I said that's fine. But guess who again showed up in his place.  ...  That’s right it was his ranting girlfriend, Ishtar Montes De Oca. Once again there to fight Jerome’s battles.  (I don't think she realizes her car isn't the only one I've seen parked in back of mine at night. ;-)

The first thing out of Istar's mouth was to tell me that I owe her an apology for hurting her feelings by trying to talk over her rant at my door.  Telling my landlord that she was so upset that she walked away crying.  WHAT RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT!!  She is not only a lier, but a bad actress as well!  She was ranting like an angry bitch at my door, screaming that I'm a pussy!  She was not sobbing or upset, nor did she walk away in tears!  This girl blatantly lied right in front of me as she tried to play the poor damsel in distress game with my landlord.  Trying to villainize me for doing nothing more then listening to music in my own fucking studio!!  Ishtar Montes De Oca is a shamless drama queen.  I can still hear the violins playing for her stage performance even now!

And yes, the irony has not escaped me that I left my last studio because my neighbors were too noisy!  But they turned an actual artist in residence on the other side of my wall into a noisy commercial warehouse that dragged beer kegs and restaurant supplies in and out until 3:00 a.m..  When I moved in, it was a rock and roll recording studio and I never had one problem with noise.  It was only when the fucking wiener boys of Wurstkuche restaurant arrived and destroyed the heart of the arts district and any peace the artists had there.

But back to this rant... So Ishtar shows up instead of Jerome and then blatantly lies to my landlord right in front of me, then asks me to apologize to poor little her for what she just claimed I did to her.  Which in fact was her coming to my door, angrily ranting non stop in my face and calling me a pussy as I tried to get a word in edgewise. Obviously, I said "NO", I had nothing to apologize for and she damn well knew it.  She sure as hell never apologized to me for having blocked me in!  And neither did Jerome for that matter!  But now with my refusal to appologize for her made up trama, the bad acting started... Ishtar stood up and started to rant in front of my landlords not letting them get a word in either and then said she was leaving. And as she did, she picked up a cup of water she had and tried to throw it at me. Unfortunately for her, she got most of it on my landlord. And also very clearly showed them the arrogance that I told them I was dealing with. I couldn’t have asked her for a better demonstration! As the saying goes Ishtar … 'you’re the man'. But what does that make Jerome??  Anyway, she proved my point with her little water trick. It showed the arrogance I dealt with Friday night, and really no different then dealing with Jerome.  As I think about it, the two actually are a perfect couple!  France, don't ever change!

ps... The Coneheads were from France too.   Mepps!


 Letter I dilivered to Jerome Duchange


Let me make this very clear…. This is an M2 zoned industrial building and that is why I moved in here. And I have spoken to David about this and he agrees with me about what this building is actually zoned for. I could be grinding and banging metal on a 24 hour basis in here and it would be perfectly legal in this building. But lucky for you, all I do for the most part is play music and watch movies as I work. This is not even a legal live / work space and you have absolutely no right what so ever to continuously bang on the floor or complain about anything I do in here. Not anything! You’ve been a pathetic whiney child since the first day I moved in here. You’ve complained about everything I do to the point of being totally obnoxious. I had ten dollars in text messages just from you the first month I got my phone so I cancelled the texting because of you! Well here’s a news flash Jerome… I am not here to appease you. I’m here to do what I want to, the same as you do. And you make more god damn noise above my head in one day then I do in a week. Including playing your music loud when you’re doing a photo session. And then you have the nerve to pound on the floor when I have clients here and I’m in the middle of a shoot? You’re a self serving pathetic hypocrite! Do you hear me banging the ceiling like a spoiled whiny child when you make noise or play your music loud?? Or every morning that you wake me? No!! Never happened! Not even once! But as soon as you’re done making all your noise for the day, you think I should cower in a corner and be quiet just for you. Again, this is a M2 zoned building and I’m here so I can do what I need to do. I am not here to appease you, or to only work or make noise on your schedule. And I’m also not here to be insulted by you or your motor mouth girlfriend who can’t seem to shut up long enough to let anyone else get a word in edgewise.

So here’s the deal, you’re just going to have to live with my noise the same as I live with all of yours. Because if you continue to bang on the floor like the spoiled little child you obviously are, then I’m just going to turn the volume up to drown you out. The choice is yours.

 Get it? Got it? Good.

David Goldner

To date, Jerome has not responded to this letter.

Posted 3-21-11

In court again today with Joseph Pitruzzelli,
the head wiener boy at Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC.

I was in court today with Joseph Pitruzzelli, the little yuppie wiener boy, also known as one of the owners of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC and Wurstkuche restaurant.  What a pathetic piece of shit Joseph Pitruzzelli is!  He and his arrogant little pansy ass partner Tyler Wilson literally tortured me for the last two years as their neighbor and they are still trying their hardest to make it all about me and take no responsibility what so ever for what they have done to me or the LA arts district.  Neither Joseph or Tyler have an ounce of integrity what so ever between them and that's from my two year torturous experience as their unfortunate neighbor!  I was in the arts district 25 years before these jackasses were out of their shit filled diapers.  And since they showed up just 2 years ago, these idiots have literally disrupted my life with the illegal use of the AIR unit next to me and brought nothing but noise, smoke and congestion to what was once a great neighborhood for an artist to live in.  Well not any more!  These assholes don't have a fucking clue about the Los Angeles arts district or why the actual artist are there!  Not a fucking clue! 

Joseph actually tried to blackmail me today into dropping the law suit we were in court for by saying they would file suits against me for standing up for my rights unless I dropped the suit, calling my confronting them about daily violating my rights, harassment!  If that isn't the fire calling the kettle black, I don't know what is!  What self serving arrogant yuppie assholes these jerks are!  They have no conscience and they have no shame.  I basically told him to go fuck himself and that I would be happy to repeat every word I wrote about them in any court they want to meet me in!  Every word is true and all from my unfortunate experiences with them as my totally inconsiderate neighbors over the last two years!  They are the worst fucking neighbors I have ever had to endure!  They are arrogant, selfish, spoiled little yuppie brats and they can kiss my fucking ass before I'll back down from my blogs and the well earned opinion I have of them!  These assholes are the most inconsiderate neighbors I have ever had to deal with in my entire life, and they literally disrupted my work and my life from the first week they opened their mediocre, over priced nothing but noise sausage factory.  "Wurst Kuche" would be a more appropreate name!

Joseph Pitruzzelli is a pathetic self centered asshole with no conscience what so ever.  He and Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC have now taken at lease two artist lofts away from actual artist that should be living there!  They turned 808 E. 3rd into a noisy beer keg warehouse, an illegal use of an AIR unit according to the city of Los Angeles, and they have made my old unit 808 1/2 where I was for 3 years before these assholes got there, into an unlivable noisy loft that I'm sure can now only be rented out commercially, and I'm sure will be, by mister money hungry Paul Solomon, who I have no doubt purposely allowed this to happen.  He's wanted to turn my unit retail since the first year I moved in!  Thanks for the giant step backward you self serving douche bag!!  It was a warehouse in 1920!!!  It's supposed to be the arts district now you inconsiderate moron!

I guess assholes attract each other so he's a perfect landlord for the wiener boys warehouse!  Solomon and his partners are monopilizing jackasses who own a good chunk of the arts district buildings, and could give a flying fuck about any of the artists they have screwed over the years as they defrauded them and priced them out into the street.  Me now being one of them!  I consider what he did to me total fraud!  Bate and switch is the term.  I rented an AIR and he turned it into a noisy warehouse right under my feet!  His and Wurstkuche now define what I now think of the so called LA arts district and I've been here 25 years!  It is no longer a haven for actual artists looking for a creative community.  It's all owned by self centered yuppies and consciousless developers like Paul Solomon that chase away and price out the actual artists, and do so as they are scanctioned by Jan Perry and the LA city council.  None of them care about the actual artist in the arts district, only themselves and their pocketbooks.  Well fuck all of you!  Your karma will catch up to you eventually!

-David G.

Posted 1/26/11

In Court Today Fighting To Put This AIR Building Under Rent Control

I was in court today with my egregious landlord Paul Solomon who has tortured me for 2 years now and the so called new manager, his partner Alan Schneider's "do nothing but lie to me" son, David Schneider.  I got to tell the court exactly what was on my mind and exactly what they have done to me, which in my opinion is defraud me via "bate and switch".  They rented me this unit in what is supposed to be an artist in residence building, a creative work space and have literally turned it into an unlivable hell with the illegal use of the unit next to me as a commercial warehouse for the wiener boys of Wurstkuche, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson aka Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC.  (I guess egregious self serving assholes attract each other!)  Paul Solomon does not give a damn about the actual artists in the arts district and treats his tenants like shit!  And I am far from the only one that thinks so.  Even the wiener boys said something to me in court about Paul's lack of any response to them.

My X-neighbor Tod Lychkoff who had lived in this building for 24 years left a few years ago because Paul Solomon never followed through on anything he was supposed to with regards to bringing parts of this AIR building up to code.  In fact, Tod told me that Paul Solomon was actually given big tax breaks when he bought this building in order to do the work that was needed, then never did a thing he was supposed to and use the money to do work on his other newer buildings instead.  I wouldn't doubt it from the shape of this building and from what I've seen of Paul!  And Jeb Lipson, who was my neighbor in 808 before the wiener boys of Wurstkuche move in to torture me, left after 18 years because Paul Solomon refused to renew his lease and Jeb didn't want to be on a month to month basis.  That is the same thing Paul Solomon did to me as well.  And from what I was told, he actually gave the sausage idiots a lease to 808!  So you'll give a lease to commercial clients but not the actual artist in this artist in residence building??  What a sleazy asshole you are, Paul!  And so is your partner Alan who is apparently teaching his son to follow in his footsteps!  "Daddy, can you give me a building too?"

It seems that Paul Solomon has made an effort to chase out all the actual artist in this AIR building so he can up the rents on the units that still don't come up to living code, and turn them commercial so he doesn't have to comply with the residential aspect of this building!  Am I getting warm?  And his cubicles for artists on Industrial street just turns my stomach!  Those are not creative work spaces!  They are nothing more then over priced storage closets in what should be AIR buildings!  This guy is a total phony jackass and treats artists like shit and just tries to make money off them.  Paul Solomon and his new management company have treated me terribly from the first year I was here and that is what motivated me to fight back for what they are doing now!  He deserved to get smacked back for what he has put me through personally.   As my dad always said... "Turn about is fair play."

-David G. 

Posted 1/21/11

A New name for Hypocrisy: Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC.
aka, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, The True Wieners of  Wurstkuche

After telling me they wanted to settle the law suit I have against them, and didn’t want to go to court anymore, the lying wiener boys of Wurstkuche, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, did exactly the opposite and postponed the inevitable.  The inevitable being them actually taking responsibility for their inconsiderate egregious actions of violating my rights on a daily basis for the last 2 years!  Even the judge asked them why!  What pathetic hypocrites I have as neighbors!  Arrogant, self serving sleazy lying scum bags who are in denial of how fucking invasive and inconsiderate they really are, so they continue to try and make me the villain to make themselves feel better about being so damn thoughtless to there neighbors.  They actually said if they have to pay me the judgment, then they won't sound proof the walls!  Well wiener boys, here's another "villainous" blog to shove in your over priced buns.  Maybe one day you'll look in the mirror I keep holding up to you assholes and get it!  Or maybe one day you'll have neighbors just like yourselves... inconsiderate little pricks who will torture you idiots daily, just like you have tortured me for the last two years now!

Because I sued Joseph and Tyler personally and they are now corporate hypocrites and no longer just individual hypocrites who should actually take responsibility for their practiced hypocrisy and their self serving actions, we are going to start all over and do it all again and will be back in court in a few weeks with a brand new trial as I'm forced to sue their corporate alter ego, Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments, LLC.  Maybe you should invest in some how to be a good neighbor lessons, you self centered little pricks!

You heard of the anti-Christ?  Well Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson are the anti Artist.  They have come to the LA Arts District and disrupted the artist around them, destroying two separate artist units in their wake.  The one they have turned into a noisy beer keg warehouse at 808, and the one I’m living in at 808 ½ that they have made an unlivable hell for me since they moved here!  If there was a worst neighbor in the arts district award, these little yuppie pricks deserve it and I would ask them both to bend over while I give it to them personally.  Other then my current landlords, I’ve never met a more pathetic pair of narrow minded self serving jackasses in my life as the Wurstkuche wiener cousins!  They don’t get the arts district and they don’t have a fucking clue to why the artists are here.  NEWS FLASH … "It’s not for your over priced mediocre sausage assholes!"

David G.

Posted 11 / 2010 

Yes, that neighbor would be me!  This happened multiple time and the asshole owners,  Joseph and Tyler accused me of lying about it!  So here is the evidence you pathetic inconsiderate douche bags!  Right in front of my door!
Posted 11/20/10

A LETTER TO: The Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association

Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson have got to be the most self centered inconsiderate jackasses I have ever had to deal with as neighbors in the arts district and I've been here for 25 years!  For Joseph to be the president of your organization or anything with "artist" in the title is total hypocrisy on your part!  But I guess the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association doesn't actually consider the artist in the arts district actual "stake holders", right?

I won the court case against Wurstkuche for violating LAMC noise ordinance codes and my rights on a daily basis and they are actually going to try to appeal the ruling rather then even try to be considerate neighbors!  A ruling that was already set in precedence long before I even sued these idiots!  They obviously were not listening to the judge in court or are just too damn arrogant to care about their actual artist neighbors or what the court ruling was.  Maybe that doesn't matter to your organization, but it matter to me!  Do you think it is right to have a "president" that actually thinks they can win the right to disturb their neighbors just because they are successful? The actual artist in the arts district?  Because that's what they want to be able to continue to do!  What total hypocrisy on both your parts!

The court ruling in case number LAM 10M07169 said:  "Nighttime operations causing excess noise constitutes private nuisance even if the use is permitted by city."  And by the way, it is NOT permitted by the city!  They have been given an order to comply by the city and ordered to turn 808 E. 3rd St., an actual AIR unit back into an actual AIR unit!  But has Joseph Pitruzzelli complied??  NO!  That's your president!  It's amazing what money will make you guys overlook!

I actually thought they got it and were going to comply for the first week or so after the court ruling.  But that’s how long it lasted, just a week or so, which seems to be the edge of their attention span and the time limit on any promise to be quieter they have ever made me since they moved in here.  Their arrogance is disgusting!  It’s been over twenty months now since they moved in and they have tortured me as their neighbor from the first week they were here!  And it still hasn’t stopped!  They are once again dragging kegs and restaurant supplies in and out of the Artist in Residence loft they are illegally using as a noisy beer keg warehouse in this actual AIR building.  This is supposed to be a creative environment, isn't it?  And even as noisy as they are during the day, the noise is supposed to stop after 10:00 pm according to the law, not 2:00 am!  Again, that's the president of the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association?  Why don't you guys just call it the Los Angeles Business Association because you really can't give a damn about the actual artists if you have a jackass like Joseph Pitruzzelli as your president!

It's been months since the city has order them to comply and turn 808 E. 3rd Street back into an actual Artist in Residence. The order to comply still stands, but Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson have done nothing to date but continued to ignore that city order to comply. And now they think they can appeal the court ruling so they can continue to torture their artist neighbors with their non stop noise.  To say they are a "nuisance" is an incredible understatement.  Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson are just blatant inconsiderate jackasses and have done nothing but disrupt my life since they got here!  They just don't care!  The city has said it’s wrong and the courts have said it is wrong.  The only ones who think it’s okay to be as inconsiderate as they want to be are Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson and your organization! 

-David Goldner


Posted 10/19/10

Yeap.  the inconsiderate sausage idiots just won't stop!  ...and neither will I!

Wurstkuche Restaurant Fights
For The Right To Disturb Their Neighbors.
as  posted by J.A. Citizen Editorials

          “Joseph Pitruzzelli , Tyler Wilson and their noisy sausage factory Wurstkuche have got to be the most self centered inconsiderate jackasses I have ever had to deal with as neighbors.”  Insists Los Angeles artist  David Goldner.  “I won the court case against them for violating LAMC noise ordinance codes and they are actually going to try to appeal the ruling.  A ruling that was already set in precedence long before I even sued these idiots!  They obviously were not listening to the judge in court or are just too damn arrogant to actually care about their neighbors, the law is or what the court ruling said.”  David says the later is most likely closer to the truth.  “Do they actually think they can win the right to disturb their neighbors??  I don’t think so!”

         The court ruling in case number LAM 10M07169 said:  "Nighttime operations causing excess noise constitutes private nuisance even if the use is permitted by city."

          “I actually thought they got it and were going to comply for the first week or so after the ruling.  But that’s how long it lasted, just a week or so, which seems to be the edge of their attention span and the time limit on any promise to be quieter they have ever made me.”  David says in disgust. “It’s been over twenty months now since they moved  in and they have tortured me from the first week they were here!  And it still hasn’t stopped!  They are once again dragging kegs and restaurant supplies in and out of the Artist in Residence loft they are illegally using as a noisy beer keg warehouse in this residential building.  This is supposed to be a creative environment.  And even as noisy as they are during the day, the noise is supposed to stop after 10:00 pm according to the law, not 2:00 am!

          It's now three months after the city has order them to comply and turn 808 E. 3rd Street back into an actual Artist in Residence.”  David goes on… “The order to comply still stands, but Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson have done nothing to date but continued to ignore that city order to comply.  And the city seems to be doing nothing to enforce it either.  Now they think they can appeal the court ruling so they can continue to torture their neighbors with their non stop noise.  To say they are a "nuisance" is an incredible understatement.  The owners of Wurstkuche are just blatant jackasses!  They just don't care!  The city has said it’s wrong and the courts have said it is wrong.  The only ones who think it’s okay to be as inconsiderate as they want to be are Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson.  They are self serving idiots and just don’t give a damn about anything but themselves.”

          David goes on to say… “We will be back in court… but sooner then they think.  They want to fight rather be considerate?  They want to continue disturbing me into the night rather then comply with the city of Los Angeles or the district courts? Then they will have more then just one case to appeal in the next few months and they can bet on it!”  David Goldner promises he will be filing another suit not just for himself, but on behalf of all the artist actually living in the arts district.

--J. A. Citizen

Posted 10/29/10
Vandalized by David Schneider and ADS Development Co. LLC
(I guess that is a theme in the arts district!)

If I thought my management company was sleazy before, this new action just took them to a new level of tawdriness.  I sued them for breech of quiet enjoyment because they weren't being considerate of me and what is their response?  They act even worse!  In a totally vindictive move, David Schneider, the manager of my AIR building just vandalized my property!  This is something I'd expect from a spoiled child, not the manager of my building.

I have had signs up above my door for years now, almost since I moved in here that advertise my business.  They are just heavy paper and I change them all the time with a change in design.  They are attached by nothing more then double stick tape, not permanent, nor do they physically effect the building.  But today, after coming back from a short walk with my dogs, I found my signs torn down and shoved under my door into my studio with a note from David Schneider saying I have no right to post a sign above my door.  This was nothing more then a blatantly vindictive sleazy childish petty attempt to get back at me for suing him as management for "Breech of quiet enjoyment" and for trying to put the building under rent stabilization where it belongs.  I have collected all the paper work, and according to my attorney, this building very well should be under rent stabilization and that I have been paying too much rent under that ordinance.  But the management is not complying, nor do they seem to want to take me back to court to prove I'm wrong. 

David, you have no fucking conscience and your lack of consideration for me as a tenant and one of the few actual artists left in this so called AIR building is just fucking appalling!  This act of vandalism by you was nothing more then vindictive.  And so far, that has been the definition of your management skills.  Or do you think painting the "No Smoking" sign off the wall between me and the restaurant was your idea of being considerate??

David Schneider didn't rip down the sign that my neighbor in this building is displaying over his door at 820 E. 3rd..  A sign hung by actually drilling holes into the building to add hooks.  I wonder why?  Nor did he rip down the sign that my other neighbor has up on the wall at 808 E. 3rd St..  Both units are part of this building.  Only mine.  Gee... do you think that is because I just sued him for "Breech of quite enjoyment"?  Of course!

David Schneider is a petty excuse for a landlord and just showed me he is also a pathetic vindictive childish jackass.  But I guess with Paul Solomon and his overbearing father Allen Schneider as mentors, that was bound to be the case.  David Schneider has not had one ounce of respect or consideration for me or any other tenant in this building since he took over as the manager.  The only thing he and the owners of this building care about is their over priced bottom line.  And in court the other day, David stood and said nothing while his father did all the talking for him.  He was handed this job by daddy and it is clear to me that he thinks he can flip people like he said he used to flip houses.  David, you have no fucking clue to what it's like to struggle as an artist!  Nor does you father or Paul Solomon!  And you don't have a hint of compassion or consideration between you.

You had absolutely no right to vandalize my property and you are lucky I didn't catch you actually doing it or I would have called the police and pressed charges for what you did!  And if you do it again, be assured I will file charges against you.   I have just as much right to display a sign over my door for my business as my neighbors in 820 do.  And if you didn't want them up, you never even asked me to take them down.  You just acted like a thug and ripped them down from over my door vindictively!  That's pure bullshit and just blatant harassment!  If you think I'm wrong about the rent stabilization, then why aren't we going to court to prove it?  You think you're going to harass me out of here instead?

My signs were taped to the wall, not permanently fixed and did not effect your building.  You had no right to vandalize them and you know it and they are now back above my door but now not attached to the wall, where they have been for years before you got here!  Destroy my property again and I will file vandalism charges and take you back to court for your petty bullshit harassment.

--David G.

Posted 10/23/10


L.A. Arts District Artist Wins Law Suit For All Artist's Rights
- Wurstkuche Restaurant Loses

by J.A. Citizen  Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010 at 9:10 PM 

A law suit filed in Los Angeles court against Joseph Pitruzzelli, Tyler Wilson, and Wurstkuche Restaurant was ruled on this past week in favor of the plaintiff, David Goldner, the artist neighbor who filed the suit. The court ruling in case # LAM 10M07169 against Wurstkuche said: "Nighttime operations causing excess noise constitutes private nuisance even if the use is permitted by city." A ruling in David Goldner's favor. 

"I told them from the start they were in the wrong but neither Joseph Pitruzzelli or Tyler Wilson seemed to care how much they violated my rights..." says artist David Goldner. "This is a legal Artist in Residence building and neither Joseph or Tyler have had one ounce of respect for the residential rights of me or anyone in this building since they took over the artist unit 808, right next to me and turned it into an illegal noisy commercial warehouse. That's why we ended up in court. This has nothing to do with their restaurant. That is a separate building at 800 E. 3rd. They think because their restaurant has been successful this last year, that they can do what they want and violate my personal rights every night. This building is not part of their restaurant. And now both the City of Los Angeles has agreed with me and the district courts have agreed with me, and both have told Wurstkuche they are wrong!" 

David goes on... "According to this court ruling I do have a right to live here in peace and they do have to stop being a "nuisance" after 10:00 pm. But what has made this whole matter even worse is that Joseph and Tyler have treated me like I was the bad guy here when it's been them violating my rights all along, and they know it, or they sure as hell should know it now! I fought back for my rights as well as for every artist that lives in the arts district. They have been torturing me late into the night with their non-stop noise in unit 808 of this building! No one should be forced to live next to this amount of constant ruckus! 

Wurstkuche's use of 808 E. 3rd St. has been an illegal use of that artist in residence unit from the start according to the City of Los Angeles who gave them an order to turn that unit, 808, back into an Artist in Residence. An order that Tyler Wilson, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Paul Solomon the building's owner have ignored far beyond the comply date, by the way. And now the district court has ruled that I indeed do have the right to peace and quite at night too. And according to that ruling, ..."excess noise constitutes private nuisance even if the use is permitted by city." Meaning they can not use the excuse that any kind of permit allows them to annoy me into the night after 10:00 pm! It does not! I and every artist living in the arts district have an excepted right to peace and quite after 10:00 pm. This may be news to Joseph Pitruzzelli, Tyler Wilson and maybe David Schneider and Paul Solomon too, but is not news to me. This is the way it's always been in the arts district in any AIR I have ever lived in and this is my 4th AIR in 25 years. Wurstkuche has been here only 18 months!" 

David hopes both the building and restaurant owners will now stop the noisy commercial activity after 10:00 pm. Buy says if the owners of Wurstkuche fail to comply with the court ruling, he may seek a court ordered injunction to stop all commercial use of 808, and or graduate to a superior court law suit in order to make the financial penalty much steeper for what he says they are doing to his peace of mind by not allowing him to sleep at night and constantly waking him up. 

David Goldner is back in court October 26th with David Schneider of ADS THIRD, the current management for the AIR building at 808 to 820 E. 3rd St., owned by Paul Solomon of Linear City. 

--J.A. Citizen

Posted 9/6/10

Vandalized by Tyler Wilson, owner of Wurstkuche Restaurant

In a world of whinny pansy ass lying little pathetic bitches, Tyler Wilson of Wurstkuche restaurant has to be the king of self centered assholes.  I hold in my hand a "Police Vandalism Report" against Tyler Wilson that was just taken by the LAPD.  That's because I caught the little pussy ass bitch ripping a posting down off my wall in front of my studio that was printed from an article on line regarding my law suit against him, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Wurstkuche restaurant.   Why were you ripping it down, Tyler?  Did it embarrass you asshole?  Good!  You should be embarrassed for what you've put me through these last 18 months!  This is a legal Artist in Residence building and you've illegally turned it into a fucking 24 hour warehouse with no consideration at all for the actual resident's who live here, you asshole!!  You have tortured me with sleep deprivation for 18 months now from your constant lack of consideration!  And that's why we are in court in just a few weeks!  Because you idiots disturb me every fucking night and you know it and don't care!  But it was not me that called the police today was it....

I confronted Tyler and literally smacked his hand away as he was ripping down my property.  A print out of the on line article about the law suit, posted on my wall in front of my studio.  It looked to me like he was going to cry for a minute...   But then he cleared his eyes and pulled out his cell phone with a better idea.  He called the police, claiming I just assaulted him by slapping his hand.  Pansy ass little bitch!  Funny that he didn't mention the fact that he was actually vandalizing my property when I did so!  Unfortunately for Tyler, I had a witness that confirmed what had actually happened when the police got here.  But the truth apparently doesn't mean a damn thing to Tyler Wilson, and he proceeded to literally make up a phony story and lie to the police that I had pulled a knife on one of his employees earlier!  Are you fucking kidding me???  You make up a malicious fucking story like that and lie straight to the police?  I think that is a crime in itself, isn't it?  It was a total fucking mendacity!  You're a pathetic lying sack of shit, Tyler Wilson and you know it!  You spew pure verbal vomit and your sausage isn't any better!  (Not that the police believed you!)  And if that had actually happened, you dripping asshole, wouldn't you have called the police at that time?  You're a sleazy mother fucking little liar!?  Like a child!  Or did your employee just shrug my alleged knife attack off?  And when did that happen again?  And what employee was that?  Was I demanding sausages at that knife point?  Maybe you can explain all this, you low life lying sleazy little son of a bitch!  If you weren't wasting so much of my time already,  I would consider a separate action against you for that false police report, you malingering scum bag, and I still may!

When the police told Tyler that I could and would have him arrested for the vandalism if he was going to try and have me arrested for my so called assault, Tyler realized he wasn't wearing clean underwear and didn't feel like going to jail today, so he quickly dropped the charges.  But his lie about me pulling a knife on one of his employees now remains as far as I'm concerned...

Tyler, you are a lying sleazy pathetic sack of pure self centered bull shit!  The truth doesn't work for you so you make up lies, right?  FUCK YOU, YOU PITEOUS TAWDRY LITTLE BITCH!  You show your snotty true colors all too often and now you've just confirmed what I have thought all along.  And if you think I am the only one in this AIR building that thinks this, think again.  You're a prissy little prima donna and anyone that does business with you can see it.  And you lie with such ease, it must be practiced.  You pulled that lie right out of your dripping wet quivering little ass and you know it you sleazy pathetic scum bag!  And that says a lot about your lack of integrity as any kind of business man as well. You're just low quality sausage yourself as far as I'm concerned!  Crawling larva have more integrity then you could ever hope to have!

See you in court on the 23rd asshole!

--David G.

ps... Sorry for all the four letter words.  They just felt so right for this occasion......................

Posted 9/1/10

Wurstkuche Being Sued by Artist Neighbor
Yeah, that would be me! 

also posted at J.A. Citizen Editorials   --  http://la.indymedia.org/news/2010/09/241546.php 

A Wurstkuche delivery in front of David Goldner’s Studio in the Arts District. 

    A law suit has been filed in Los Angeles court against Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, owners of Wurstkuche restaurant, for the illegal use of an artist in residence unit they are renting in a building directly next to their restaurant in the LA Arts District.  The law suit, file by their neighbor, local artist David Goldner, alleges the restaurant is illegally using the artist loft directly next to him as a 24 hour warehouse for all their restaurant supplies, with no regards for the building’s residence what so ever. 

    “These are the most self centered, inconsiderate neighbors I have ever had to endure!” says their artist neighbor, David Goldner.  “This is my forth studio in the arts district in 25 years.  These guys come down here and have absolutely no regard for the fact that I as well as many other artists actually live here in this district.  We are the reason it is the Arts District!”

     “I’m in unit 808 1/2 , right next to Wurstkuche at 808. “ says LA artist David Goldner.  “It’s bad enough that they have turned the sidewalk right next to my window into a daily loading dock for their pallets of beer kegs and restaurant supplies, but they just don’t stop there!  They are dragging their supplies in and out of unit 808 in this AIR building well past 3:00 am many nights and then wake me up at 5 or 6 AM with their deliveries!  There lack of consideration is just appalling.  And they are very aware they are disturbing me daily because I have come out and confronted them and have for 18 months now!  Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson are totally self centered and just don’t care!”  David insists.  “They have tortured me with there total lack of consideration for 18 months now and that is why I finally filed the law suit against them both.”

    “And the management and building owners have been just as bad for doing nothing!  “I was forced to file this law suit…” David goes on. … “The building’s owner’s Paul Solomon and Allen Schneider, and management, David Schneider, all know very well this is an improper use of that space and a total breech of my quiet enjoyment of this unit as a live / work space.  It is a total misuse of that artist in residence unit directly next to me and they very well know it.  But despite 18 months of complaints they have been complacent and indifferent to stop it.”

    David suspects they are charging a lot more money for that space commercially and don’t want to give up the income.  David has also filed suit against his building’s management for the “breech of quite enjoyment” of his artist in residence unit and says he hasn’t ruled out suing the building’s actual owner who actually leased the space to Wurstkuche.

    “We’re in court on 9-23-10 and I guess I got lucky with the timing.  After hounding the city for many months now about this situation, I just got notice that the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has finally agreed with me about the illegal use of that AIR unit.  Last week, they issued an "Order to Comply" to both Wurstkuche restaurant as well as an “Order to Comply” to Paul Solomon, the building owner.  The order says they must stop the use of unit 808 as a warehouse and return the unit back into an actual artist in residence live / work space.  This order was issued on 8-24-10 by LADBS.

    “To date,”  David says… “Wurstkuche has made no effort to comply.  They do have until the 24th of September.  But I can see from their superficial actions and their continued arrogant attitude that they most likely will make no effort to actually comply with the order.  I guess I'll know by my court date which is the day before the deadline that they are supposed to comply by.”

    David says if they fail to comply, and just take the fine and plan to continue this illegal usage, I do hope the city of Los Angeles and council women Perry's office will urge them to do the right thing and stop the illegal usage of that AIR unit, so he doesn't have to waist more time and energy on this.  David says he would hate to have to turn his efforts toward suing the city of Los Angeles itself in order to force compliance.  But he insists he is fighting for all the artist rights in the LA arts district and will do what is necessary to enforce the right as an artist to live and work here in peace. 

--J.A. Citizen    http://la.indymedia.org/news/2010/09/241546.php 

Posted 6/5/10 

My Brother, Steven Goldner... Lost in a world of delusion and denial...

The personality change in my brother Steven has become very apparent to me over the years with all his paranoid conspiracy theories , but when he turned the paranoia on me, and I caught him steeling 50 out of 100 of my prescription pain killers, Percocet, a strong opiate based drug that the doctor had prescribed to me last year after my shoulder surgery, the reason for the change in him seemed to become very apparent to me.  And in my opinion it's only gotten worse.

I am now writing this to hopefully wake him up, not to be malicious or "abusive", his new buzz word for my castigation of his thoughtless actions.  He has yet to explain himself or even apologize for what he did and that tells me that he still has a problem.  He is not the same person I once knew and I miss the brother I once had. I have always been straight forward and honest and I always speak my mind.  This situation is no different. I stand my ground when I'm right.  I apologize when I'm wrong.  My brother on the other hand avoids my straight forward questions and just continues his self denial or to take any responsibility for any of his own actions.

Last year I had a torn rotator cuff and a loose piece of bone in my shoulder that had been getting more acute over the course of a year and the doctor said that surgery was the only answer. I have had arthritis for years and degenerative joint disease in my hip for quite a while as well. But the shoulder came on quickly. I'm sure my studying martial arts for many years didn't help either.

That shoulder surgery was an "out patient surgery" and they told me they would not even do it unless you have someone there waiting with you to drive you home. Steven and I had already had some friction between us, and he only took me to the hospital for that first surgery on my shoulder after I beg him to. I literally had to argue with him to take me or they were going to cancel it. Someone had to be there to drive me home, and I had no one else at the time.

The doctor had given him my prescription to fill in the hospital pharmacy when I was still coming out of anesthesia. 100 Percocet. Something I had never taken before that day.  But Steven obviously had.  He stole half the script that the doctor had given him to fill for me for the pain.  50 Percocet.  And as of yesterday when I tried to speak to him on the phone about this riff between us because it was upsetting my aunt so much, he continued his blatant denial and still put it to me as: "I just took a few pills from you. Get over it."  As if I had been given them for recreation.  No, he stole half the prescription the doctor had given me for the pain. This is my own brother. He had no consideration for me what so ever and to this day has never apologized or explained himself.

Even as dopey as I was after the surgery, I could tell that the seal was broken and there was not 100 pills in the bottle that was marked as 100. I actually called the pharmacy and argued with them that they had made a mistake after counting them. That was my first thought.  Not that Steven, my own brother, had taken them. That never even entered my mind until the pharmacy guaranteed me that the bottle was sealed with 100 pills, and it was they who suggested that whoever picked them up for me, may have taken the 50 missing pills.

When I called Steven and asked him, he was dead silent.  He knew he had no defense for what he did and I made him bring them back immediately. He couldn't even look me in the eyes and still can't to this day.  And ever since then, he has lied to our family about what has taken place between us, continuing to try to make me the bad guy with any story he has told his friends as well, something I have not let him get away with, and one of the reasons I'm writing this blog. That's why we haven't been speaking. If I can't trust my own brother, then who can I trust?

Steven still can't face what he did and I have tried to hold an olive branch out to him several times.  But as I said, he still has never apologized or explained himself and all I hear from him is arrogance and his well practiced sarcasm. Our father died almost 14 years ago and I think he would be ashamed with how Steven has acted. I know I am.
Now he is playing me up to all his friends and even our family as some kind of bad guy. Calling me abusive to him for confronting him with the reality of what he's done, while still not admitting or even apologizing for what he did to me. And when I asked him straight out what he thinks I did to him to be abusive, he actually had no answer because it's bullshit! It's just him trying to turn it around again to make himself feel better.

As I have asked him...  Would you have done the same thing if it had been our aunt he was picking up at the hospital? Would you have done the same thing had it been our step father?  Or our cousin?  If not, then I have asked him to tell me why he thinks it was okay to do to me?  Again, no answer.

What Steven did shows he has a problem.  And that is the reason I told members of our family about what happened.  To make him stop and take a look at himself.  Something I know he still has not done. This was not "a few pills" as he seems to keep putting it to everyone and he knows it. What he did shows he has a problem.  We are not kids getting high any more.  And one of the things I have come to realize in the last few years is that when you actually have to take strong drugs for something like pain, it's really not much fun anymore.  In fact, that is one of the biggest reasons I knew I had to do my hip surgery. I'm 30 pounds lighter because the drugs for my hip have totally screwed up my G I track and I just have no appetite.

I think what he did says something that I don't think he wants to admit to himself or anyone else. And that is the reason I have held it up for him to look at here. He wants to keep thinking of me as the bad guy?  As abusive for doing so? I'll leave that up to him.  He and I know the truth. He's my brother and believe it or not I love him no matter how harsh I have been in my responses to him and his pathetic actions in recent months. I just don't like him very much at the moment, and that is because he has not even treated me like a friend, let alone a brother.

Maybe this being public will make him think about that.  Or maybe the drugs have taken their toll and I will never see the brother I once knew again. All I know is he is not the same Steven I once knew and I think this is the reason.  He has given me no other explanation and this is my own sad conclusion.

--David Goldner