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POSTED 7/23/12

Been practicing what I can do in Maya 3D.  Love this program!  I have 3 advanced classes I'm taking starting in August...

POSTED 4/21/12


Dog Lovers Agree on LARABA

Just came from the dog park in the arts district.  I just happen to be standing next to a few people that were talking about being at the last LARABA meeting and being very up set about how they were treated by LARABA at the meeting.  (That's because LARABA cares about the businesses in the arts district, not the actual artists.)  Anyway, as I listened, one girl called the people running the meetings "elitist douche bags".  WOW!!  Those were her exact words!  Does that sound like anyone I discussed in my blogs?  Does their description sound a bit like the way I've described their douche bag of a president, Joseph Pitruzzelli?  Was she talking about him personally or is his attitude just rubbing off on the rest of them as well?  Either way I feel so vindicated that I'm not the only one that feels this way!
David G.

It's funny that LARABA cares so much about Mental Health Court in the Arts District.  What about the property that was an an actual artist in residence at 808 E. 3rd St. for over 20 years before the sausage nightmare Wurstkuche showed up??  You did nothing when your fucking hypocritical asshole president Joseph Pitruzzelli and his pansy ass little cousin illegally turned 808 E. 3rd Street into a 24 hour nightmare warehouse and harassed a long timwe arts district artist out of his own studio with their total lack of any conscience, consideration or any true knowledge of  the arts district or it's history!  I've been here since 1982!  Where were you then?  Where are you now as your president continues a year after I left my studio to try to harass me in order to cover the truth of how he treated me as his artist neighbor?   I'll tell you... You were and still are all standing around with your heads up your own hypocritical asses!  You're all as pathetic as your token anti-artist president!  Joseph Pitruzzelli is a little yuppie prick whoes ego makes him thinks he's entitled!  So I'll keep giving him what I think he's entitled to... Multiple mirrors to look into for a long time to come.  Mirrior Mirror on the wall, whos an asshole after all... Your president, Joseph Pitruzzelli. -

-David Goldner

Posted 3/25/2012 is now on line is now on line.  This is what happens when you harass someone out of their own studio and then try to sue them to hide the truth about what you did!  They make sure the truth will stay out there and stand on it's own!

I wonder if the brilliant legal shit for brains of Joseph Piturzzelli and Tyler Wilson of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investment actually think more people have read my blogs before or after they filed their frivolous self serving bullshit harassment suit?  Good "investment' wiener boys!  How's that working for you, you egotistical little yuppie pricks?  Well here's another new site for you and your inflated egos to dwell over...

And as long as their spinless law suit is still alive and trying to harass me, so is my resolve to keep posting the truth about what these pathetic self centered jerks did to me as their neighbor after they invaded the arts district with their illegal use of the AIR next to me.  And Jan Perry and the city of LA are just as responsible for allowing this to happen all over the arts district!  Wurstkuche illegal warehouse was a 24 hour sausage nightmare in what was a long time residential unit in the LA arts district! The LA Arts District is no longer a creative environment for artist, but has become a corporate haven for self serving yuppie assholes like Joseph Piturzzelli and Tyler Wilson of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments.


Serving oneĎs own selfish interests, esp. at the expense of others.

Posted 2-22-12
Advanced Script Writing
I got into 3 out of the 4 classes I ran for so far.  Advanced script writing was tonight.  Number 4 is the advanced After Effects class and it was way over crowded the first class.  But I'll still be there the second day.  I don't remember ever not getting a class I had to run for.  Usually the instructors like when someone actually wants to take their class rather then it being mandated by a requirement.  I'll have 13 units if I get them all.  Been a while but I think 12 is considered a full schedule. 

The first assignment in the writing class was just to write a one page paper about whatever was on our mind.  So I did and posted it below.  The instructor seemed to like it.  But I'm sure he really had no clue what exactly it was about.  That's okay.  I do.   I swear the rest of the semester will be for my actual sci-fi scripts.  Not that the wiener boys aren't from the fucking twilight zone!

I already love the class and the way this insturctor teaches.  It's going to really help with structuring my stories and the character development.  I'd like to try and outline and really develop the characters in "Wrangle in Time" before I just jump in and start writing like I usually do.  And actually have alrready done with Wrangle too with the actual time travel scene because I could already see it in my mind and started to write it.  But it's hard to write if I don't know all the characters well enough yet!  Most of my story ideas start as a single concept or a single scene that I can already see in my mind.  So several times I have started somewhere in the middle of a story and then build the story and characters around that single point.  But yes, outlines do tend to work much better because then I feel like Im filling in the gaps in a story that I've already laid out.  "Realm of the Star Dragons"  involves time travel and paradoxes so it's been hard to write in a linear fashion.  I guess it's a good thing my 'socio-pathic' mind has such a multiverse of me's in it!  ;-)


ps... The instructor liked it!  But he really had no clue what exactly it was about.  That's okay.  I do.

Posted 2-13-12
Maya 3D

I already went through the entire 2 years of Maya 3D courses in 2005.   But I'm doing it again!  First class was tonight and with the same instructor.  He said he would let me in the class and I can use my lap top until a spot opens in a few weeks as it usally does.  So I'm excited.  I really want to mix more 3D computer art with my paintings as well as work on "Threshold of Oblivion" now that I have all the actors dialogue recorded.  Maya is such a powerful program and it's always changing.  And I don't mind relearning it because then it starts to become second nature.  I took photography and started at Photo 1 three times.  High School, SMC, then again at Art Center. And there is so many new changes and several new suites in maya that I'm anxious to learn!  Going to run for Astronomy tomorrow.  Trying to try to get into advanced Adobe After Effects and a few other advanced classes this week as well.  13 units if I get them all!

Posted 2-10-12
LA Art Walk

I had a great time at the Art walk this month.  That's because I walked around this month rather then be in the art walk myself.  I needed to see what everyone else weas doing and a few other venues to show at.  I made a point of trying to talk to all the artists I could to.  Enjoied that alot.  That what the arts district use to be like until the developers and sausage douche bags showed up.  Which remeinds me.  I did make something for the next art walk.  It called "Wurst Wall".  Going to have 13 x 19 prints of this one.  I think I may do a series of them.  I was inspired! 

Posted 1-25-12

I went to the LA art show over the weekend.  There were only gallery's showing and with so many in one place, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to solicit my art and see who was accepting submissions.  Got about 20 contacts and saw a lot of amazing art.  I thought I spent a lot of time on my pieces, but there was work therfe that took months if not years to create!  Several pieces gave me some great new ideas for my own work.  The one thing that stands out to me is that I have to get someone really good to stretch my canvases from now on.  All my new pieces I'm now rolling up after I paint them until I find someone.  The stretching alone makes a big difference in the presentation.  And unlike most artists, I paint on my canvases first, then stretch the canvas the painting is done.

Posted 1-20-12

Should have posted this weeks ago.  If anyone wants a 300 dpi version, contact me...

Posted 1-10-12
LA Art Walk Thrusday Night January 12th

Going to be in the downtown Art walk this month at 4th and Main in the courtyard.  The weather seems a bit nicer so I hope the crowds come out.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Posted 11-29-11
Seeking Artist Rep

I am currently seeking new representation as a photographer and multi-media artist.  Although I am looking for an established Artist's Rep that knows the national market, I will be happy to meet with and consider all qualified sales persons that may be interested in this high paying commission position.
 If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please get in touch...

Email David Goldner at:

Or Call 


Posted 11-25-11

I went to the LA art show over the weekend.  There were only gallery's showing and with so many in one place, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to solicit my art and see who was accepting submissions.  Got about 20 contacts and saw a lot of very cool art.  Several pieces gave me some good ideas for my own work.  The one thing that stands out to me is that I have to get someone really good to stretch my canvases.  That alone makes a big difference.  Unlike most artists, I paint on my canvases first, then stretch the canvas after it's done.